The Price Is Right turns 50
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How many years has “The Price Is Right” been on television? 





“1 Year, Drew!”

Actual television run, 50 years! And to celebrate, the gameshow is going on a nationwide tour to share some of its best games with fans.

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‘The Price Is Right’ Hits The Road

Starting March 25 on the Santa Monica Pier in California, the “Come On Down Tour” will travel the country and allow fans of the beloved show to try some of the best games, including Plinko.

Participants will even have the chance to spin the big wheel, compete for a showcase, and potentially win a $50,000 prize.

To match its 50 year anniversary, the “game show on wheels” will stop at 50 places including New York City, Denver, Dallas, New Orleans, and Nashville. The tour will also stop at landmark locations including the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and the Route 66 sign.

A special, custom trailer with the game show’s famous wheel will be on the move – and could be coming to a location near you. You can keep up with the show and find out where it’s headed next on social media

The History Of ‘The Price Is Right’

A show called “The Price is Right” has been on television since 1956. However, that early version consisted entirely of a game that closely resembled the modern version of Contestant’s Row.

The game as we know it today has been on television since 1972. Bob Barker hosted the “daytime” version of the show until 2007. Comedian and Clevelander Drew Carey replaced Barker and has hosted the show ever since.

It is considered the longest-running game show on television and is the longest-running game show that runs five days a week. 

The Best Part Of Staying Home Sick

Back before Netflix, you had to watch whatever was on TV. For me, that meant “The Price is Right.” I would be sicker than a dog but still yelling out the costs of fridges.

And then I would watch Maury. But bad news, folks, Maury is going off the air.

Am I going to have to watch “The View” now? I hope not.

A Fun Documentary On The Man Who “Solved” The Price Is Right

Think you’re good at guessing the prices on “The Price Is Right?” You aren’t as good as this guy. The Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much tells the story of Ted Slauson, a math teacher who documented every prize on “The Price Is Right” and would regularly go to shows and shout out the perfect bids. So much so that producers effectively banned him from the show. 

Slauson’s yelling out of the answers caused the first ever exact bid during the Showcase showdown. Though contestant Terry Kneiss claims he and his wife studied the show to find the answers, the documentary suggests Kneiss was helped audibly by Slauson through his run to the showcase showdown. 

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