The Price Is Right

Three contestants on The Price Is Right made history when all of them got $1 on their wheel spin. Their timing couldn’t have been better. Since this is Drew Carey’s 10th season on the show, anyone getting $1 won $10,000! But, the winning didn’t end with that $30,000 trifecta payout.

They still had to determine who was moving on to the Showcase Showdown, so the contestants had to spin again. This time, anyone who landed on $1 received an additional $25,000! The first two contestants beat the odds, each spinning to land on $1. The crowd was going berserk as the wheel was handing out a fortune! $80,000 was won in an incredibly short, yet exciting amount of time.

If you have ever seen The Price Is Right, you will be cheering while watching the must-see video below!

That’s amazing! What a terrific way to celebrate 10 years with Drew Carey! It was something that you really had to see to believe! One man tweeted that it was the greatest thing on TV since the moon landing!

If you enjoyed this video, click here to see another very excited contestant break the Plinko record!

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