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New Revelation In Death Of Bob Saget – He ‘Didn’t Feel Good’ Hours Before His Passing

New information has come to light about the death of Bob Saget, who "didn't feel good" hours before he was found.

The nation was stunned back in January when the iconic former “Full House” star Bob Saget was found dead at the age of 65 in a Florida hotel room with massive head trauma. Since then, many questions have been raised as to how Bob Saget came to suffer such major wounds to his head while he was alone in a hotel room.

Now, the talent manager at the theater where Saget performed his standup act the night before his death is speaking out to offer new details about the hours before his passing.

Bob Saget Complained Of Not Feeling Well Before His Death

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall staffer Rosalie Cocci told People Magazine that Saget claimed to be suffering from “long-term COVID” hours before he died. He had tested positive for the virus weeks before his death, and was also found to be positive during his autopsy.

“I did hear him say, ‘I don’t feel good, but I’m ready to do the show. This is what I do this for.’ He kinda seemed like he was talking himself up,” Cocci said of Saget. “He stated himself that… it was taking his body a long time to get over [COVID]. He said that his hearing had been off and that was the case that night. He was asking the sound guys to turn everything up.”

“He said he had been sick the night before, he said he had a sore throat, that he was happy he had lozenges for the stage,” she continued. “Mr. Saget’s soundcheck lasted a while.”

Bob Saget Still ‘Seemed Okay’ Night Before His Death

Cocci typically gets whatever food and drinks performers at her theater need, and she revealed that Saget’s list was “cut-down in half” on the evening he performed. 

All there was on there was drinks. He wanted Redbull, Diet Coke and regular Coke and that was it,”  she said, adding that she did not see him “ingest” anything, and that there was “not even water on stage.”

Cocci reportedly told police that despite Saget saying he was not feeling well he “seemed okay” in general, and she was shocked to hear he had died. 

“He wasn’t sweating, he didn’t miss a beat, nothing slurred,” she told police. “He seemed okay. He really did and it was very surprising the next day… He came out very energetic, and in the half-an-hour, I saw him, he was very much entertaining the crowd.”

Medical Examiner Weighs In

Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany found that Bob Saget died as a “result of blunt head trauma,” and that “the amount of force necessary to cause the fracture, coupled with the fact that the skin on the back of the head was still intact, led him to believe that the injury was most likely caused by ‘something hard, covered by something soft.'” 

While Stephany said that “a fall onto a carpeted floor” could have caused the injury, there was no sign of blood anywhere on the floor of Saget’s hotel room.

While he couldn’t state “definitively” when Saget would have been injured, the medical examiner “believed it was probably within hours of his death, possibly within a day or two, depending on several medical factors.”

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Loved ones and fans of Bob Saget are left with more questions than answers surrounding the circumstances of the “Full House” star’s death. At this rate, it seems that questions about how exactly he died may continue for a long time to come.

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While what they really want is answers, no doubt prayers for his family, friends, and fans are during this difficult time are also appreciated. 

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