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Meghan Markle was hit with a crushing blow this week when her estranged half sister Samantha filed a $75,000 lawsuit against her for what she claims is the “false” narrative that she rose from “rags to riches.”

This was a narrative that Meghan pushed during her explosive, tell-all interview with Oprah that aired in March of last year. 

Samantha Markle Sues Meghan

Court documents obtained by Daily Mail show that Samantha is alleging that Meghan launched a “premeditated campaign to destroy” both her and their father’s reputations. She alleges that Meghan’s goal was to ruin their credibility so that “they could not interfere with or contradict the false narrative and fairy tale life story concocted by the defendant.”

Samantha went on to claim that Meghan lied when she alleged to Oprah that she “essentially raised herself from virtual poverty” and that she had to take low-paying jobs from the age of 13 just to “make ends meet.”

Meghan fired back through her attorney, who claimed that the lawsuit is “baseless” and added that their team will be paying it “the minimum attention necessary.”

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Samantha Accuses Meghan Of Lying

Samantha also stated in her lawsuit that Meghan’s claim that she only met her half sister “a handful of times” and that she had “never had a relationship with” her or their father were untrue.

“This is false. Samantha spent time with Defendant on a regular basis throughout her childhood and even lived in the same apartment house with Defendant for a period of time,” the court papers allege. “Samantha picked up Meghan from school; took Meghan for ice cream and to the mall regularly, and spent many family holidays with the Defendant.”

“Meghan’s father was Meghan’s primary care-giver and Meghan and Samantha saw each other regularly,” the lawsuit added. “This is an attempt by Meghan to create the false impression that Meghan was essentially an only child with no contact with other family members, or as Meghan stated on Oprah, that she had ‘no siblings.'”

According to Samantha, “Meghan apparently wanted to convince the public that her family members knew nothing about her life and, thus, were not qualified to contradict the false narrative Meghan had fabricated about her life.”

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Samantha Wants Trial By Jury

Samantha is demanding a trial by jury and she is seeking $75,000 from her sister, who has been estranged from the Markle side of her family since before her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry. 

“Plaintiff has suffered actual damages in the form of lost employment, lost income from sales of her autobiography, emotional and mental distress, including anxiety and fear due to the threatening and violent emails and messages she receives regularly, and harm to her reputation and credibility,” the lawsuit stated. 

This lawsuit will undoubtedly do nothing to ease the tensions within the Markle family. It will certainly be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out. 

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