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Yesterday, we reported that the former “Cheers” star Kirstie Alley was getting backlash for comments she made about the situation in Ukraine. Now, former “King Of Queens” actress Leah Remini is getting involved by slamming Alley and bringing her religion of Scientology into the situation.

Remini And Alley Go At It

“I don’t know what’s real or what is fake in this war. So I won’t be commenting. I’ll pray instead,” Alley wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted, according to Newsweek

This did not sit well with Leah Remini, who posted a screenshot of the tweet to her own Twitter account. 

“So @kirstiealley can comment on things she knows nothing about like mental health, psychiatric drugs, and virology, but she won’t comment on Putin who is an evil tyrant?” Remini wrote. “No comment about Russia invading Ukraine? The killing of innocent people? The displacement of Ukrainians?”

“She has no comment on these crimes against humanity?” she later added. “But she’s going to pray? Scientology, her ‘religion,’ says Christ is a pedophile and a lie. Scientologists aren’t allowed to believe in anything else other than Scientology. So who is she praying to?”

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Remini Is A Former Scientologist

Remini is a former Scientologist herself who left the church in 2013. In the years since then, she has been active in calling out Scientology and the people who are still part of the church, like Alley. 

“I don’t like to make a habit of engaging with people like @kirstiealley…but Scientology banks on its horrific, criminal policies not being called out,” Remini later tweeted. “Scientology thrives when people are silent. I won’t allow their threats to me or anyone else go un-answered.”

Alley Lashes Out

Alley appeared to address the criticism from Remini and others when she took to Twitter again by saying it was time “to take off the gloves. I have a [courtesy] policy to not publicly reveal secrets about other celebs, but I’m done with the public lies and covert jabs. And not so covert.”

“Don’t get too excited,” she added, “there are only two… but two too many never the less. One shoots her mouth off and has an IQ of about 75 and the other one like you to think he’s a hero .. gotta plot this out.”

The first seems to be Remini, while the second is likely Alley’s former “Dancing With The Stars” partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who also publicly criticized her tweet while he was still stuck in Ukraine.

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Remini Fires Back

Remini was quick to fire back at Alley for this tweet as well, saying “Whoa… looks who’s talking now. So tough. So opinionated. I got your ‘punk a** t***’ right here and I will raise you one.”

“That’s to you and the rest of you p**** a** Scientology b*****s (men & women) who are very brave on social media but can’t handle any real confrontation,” she continued. “Anytime. Anyplace. Stop with the fake tough talk and bring it. You all have been invited to the table many times to handle this face-to-face. But you can’t handle it.”

“By the way, none of this is very Christian of you […] @kirstiealley,” Remini concluded. “Your friend Maks is in a war zone and innocent people are dying. Pretending you pray to any God is sad. I wish you did. Stand by your own belief system which tells you there is no God.”

Well, there is certainly no shortage of drama with this crew! It’s safe to say that Kirstie Alley and Leah Remini won’t be exchanging Christmas cards anytime soon. 

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