Tamar Bucci police trooper

Thousands of officers stepped up to honor fallen Massachusetts State Trooper Tamar Bucci at her funeral on Wednesday after she was killed in the line of duty last week in a horrifying accident.

Bucci Honored By Over 2,000 Officers

CBS Boston reported that Bucci was killed last Thursday after she had stopped on Interstate 93 to help a driver. Tragically, a tanker truck then slammed into her cruiser, killing Bucci instantly. She was 34 years old.

Yesterday, over 2,000 officers went to her funeral in Revere to pay their final respects to her. Schools were closed in Revere because of the funeral.

“It was obvious that a stellar career marked by achievement, increasing levels of responsibility and rank awaited her,” said State Police Lt. Col. Christopher Mason. 

In his tribute to the fallen officer, Mason said, “To Tamar, you clearly met the challenge” of the State Police. “I say well done. Tamar, we pledge with broken hearts but with resolute dedication to build upon your legacy and use it as inspiration to build a better and safer world.”

As Bucci’s casket was carried into Saint Anthony’s Church, thousands of uniformed officers saluted. 

Officers In Mourning For Bucci

The officers attending the funeral were open about how difficult a death like this is for them.

“It’s not easy to lose a colleague, a friend, it’s been tough for us,” said Patrick McNamara, president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts.

“You know going into the profession, applying to every department, putting on the badge every day you might face something and not come home at night,” added Portsmouth, RI Police Officer Annmarie Stewart.

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Bucci’s All-Female Pallbearers Make History

The pallbearers at the funeral were all female troopers who had been in Bucci’s training class, making this the first all-female pallbearer group for an MSP line of duty funeral service. Bucci’s family said that this was something she would have loved.

“She’s looking down, feeling proud, and smiling at each and every one of you. I also know she’s probably saying, ‘It’s about time you ladies carry me,'” said her stepfather Jim Burditt.

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Bucci Will Be Missed

Before the funeral, Lt. Col. Mason talked to reporters about just how missed Bucci will be among her fellow officers.

“I think they’re just going to miss her demeanor, her good will,” he said. “She was just really a decent, good person. Somebody you would want to have as a co-worker, somebody you would want to represent your agency, and somebody you would want to serve the public. She really was a trooper for the times that we are in now. So that is what makes this such a great loss for the Massachusetts State Police, and of course the Bucci family.”

“It’s been a difficult week,” Mason added. “It certainly highlights for the troopers the dangers of the job and it also has a ripple effect. The loved ones that stay at home that bear that burden of worry while we’re on patrol, it impacts them greatly.” 

Watch Tamar Bucci be remembered by her family in the video below.

Any officer being killed in the line of duty is a tragedy that should never happen. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bucci’s friends, family, and fellow officers during this difficult time.  l