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Hollywood actor James Woods is taking a stand for America’s men and women in blue as killings of police officers in this country are dramatically spiking.

Killings Of Police On The Rise

ABC7 Chicago reported that intentional killings of law enforcement officers reached a 20-year high in 2021, according to data from the FBI. In fact, more law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty last year than any other year since the September 11 terrorist attacks back in 2001. 

This did not sit well with James Woods, who has been using his Twitter page to express his support for American police officers everywhere.

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Woods Honors Fallen NYPD Officer

On Monday, Woods paid tribute to New York City Police Officer Wilbert Mora, who died on January 25, four days after he was shot in the head while responding to a domestic violence dispute. He was only 27 years-old.

After Mora’s death, he was able to save five lives by donating his kidneys, his pancreas, his liver and his heart. 

“Somebody did receive this hero’s heart,” Live On NY CEO Leonard Achan told Fox News. “Officer Mora and his family are huge, huge supporters of organ donation, and this was important to them and they wanted to make sure that he lived on. They wanted to make sure that they knew that he was a hero in life — and that he’d be one in his unfortunate and tragic death.”

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Woods Supports Veteran Officer Edwenna Ferguson

Also on Monday, Woods took to Twitter to voice his support for Edwenna Ferguson, a 17-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department whose son was recently murdered in what police believe was a robbery.

Woods retweeted an interview Ferguson gave to Fox News in which she addressed the anti-cop sentiment in the United States that is costing countless blue lives.

“We have feelings, we have families, we have babies, we have children—we’re just like you. But we put on a uniform every day to go to work,” she said.

“People look at police, and you know they hate the police, they don’t like cops, but we are human,” Ferguson added. “We are human. They let one bad seed ruin the whole bunch.” 

Woods Honors Another Fallen Officer

Last week, Woods posted an article about the death of Deputy Noah Rainey, who was killed in a single-vehicle crash in Indiana while pursuing someone who refused to pull over when instructed to do so. 

“Because a criminal failed to heed an officer’s command to pull over, a deadly pursuit cost two valuable lives,” Woods tweeted, adding the hashtags “#RIP” and “BackThe Blue.”

Most Hollywood actors have hopped onto the “woke” anti-police bandwagon that the left has been spreading throughout this country like it’s their jobs. How many more police officers need to die before they realized just how harmful this sentiment is? 

Thank you James Woods for taking a stand for blue lives. If only more celebrities would do the same.