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Dolly Parton Turns Down Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Dolly Parton, country music icon and literal angel on earth, has turned down her nominated for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Recently, Dolly Parton was honored with a nomination to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. While many fans cheered for the award, many people (myself included) wondered why someone who exclusively sang country music would be nominated for a hall of fame in a different genre?

It appears that Dolly shares the sentiment as she has officially turned down her nomination for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

Dolly has adoring fans, so they all support her. However, some pointed out that Parton has done a few rock covers while sticking to her country roots. 

I would love Dolly to do an album of metal covers.

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Did Dolly Make The Right Decision? 

I wrote previously how Dolly didn’t “deserve” to be in the Hall of Fame for Rock & Roll music. Parton is not a rock and  roll singer. She is a country singer, and country singers have their own Hall of Fame. But Dolly is a songwriter and would be an excellent fit for the Songwriters Hall of Fame. 

I admire Dolly for not taking an easy accolade. She probably would have been a shoo-in for the honor, but Dolly is nothing if not a humble and gracious woman.

She understands that getting in would come at the expense of someone who played Rock n Roll. 

I hope that with Dolly out of the running, it will open up opportunities for influential underground acts like New York Dolls, MC5, and Fela Kuti.

Now, about this Dolly Parton rock and roll record. I would love to hear it.

Generally speaking, country stars who transition to pure rock don’t do too well. I can think of the only good transition recently was Eric Church, but his southern rock style is still heavily influenced by country.

Dolly is so ambitious and driven that I think she could make a full-blown rock album and make it sound amazing. 

Dolly is 76 and is showing no signs of slowing down. She recently wrote a book with James Patterson and continues to act, including a supporting role in the last season of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, which stars 9-to-5 co-stars, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

Please, please don’t pull a Chris Gaines, Dolly. 

Do you think Dolly made the right decision to turn down the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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