Amazon Robots

In a viral TikTok video, an Amazon employee claimed to be trapped by roving robots for at least 15 minutes. Horror at an Amazon fulfillment center. 

If you’re scared by that, then you’re human. 

Rogue Amazon Robots

“They tried to block me in. These pods are messing with me”

A purported Amazon factory worker shows the automated “robotic shelves” that move products across distribution floors at Amazon warehouses in the video. Look at the video below.

@robotman77 it can sometimes get crazy?? them robots like to mess around ?#robots ##work ♬ original sound – Robotman ?

Amazon is increasingly relying on automation and computers to eliminate the need for the human worker. The company is working on making the entire delivery process as human-free as possible. 

It seems to me this robot is violating one of “Azimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.” 

Science fiction has dealt with the issue of man vs. robot since at least 1886 with W.C. Morrow’s “Haunted Automaton” short story. And as we rely more and more on automated technology, we have to ask ourselves, when does Sci-Fi become a reality, and how much control do we have over these machines? 

The classic trope is that with AI, computers and robots will view humans as a menace and then seek to remove us. The Terminator, The Matrix, even Wall-e deal with machines deciding to take out humans in the name of self-preservation.

And if you’re looking to get freaked out, may I introduce you to Roko’s Basilisk

But Sci-Fi scares aside, is Amazon’s automation and invasiveness good for us?

Amazon Made Our Lives Easier – But At What Cost?

I have a Prime account, and I bet you do too. The convenience of “free shipping” and great deals is too good to pass up. But I have to ask, is it worth it? 

Amazon workers work in nightmarish conditions for a billionaire more concerned with going to space than providing safe working environments. Workers have had to pee in bottles and work 8 hours without a break to make incentive-based quotas.

In exchange, we get instant access to more and more stuff. Things we might not need, but since they are so easy to acquire, it is almost dumb if we don’t buy them.

There is also an argument that Amazon harms small businesses, many of which cannot offer the free shipping and deals that a multi-billion-dollar company can. 

Stuff doesn’t make you happy. Let’s work on finding fulfillment in ourselves and others.

Do you use Amazon regularly? What are your thoughts on automation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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