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Aaron Rodgers has decided his future. The Green Bays Packers quarterback that you either love or love to hate is not done and wants another take at the Super Bowl.

The NFL MVP has not only decided if he wants to keep playing for the Packers, but also seems to have made up his mind when it comes to former fiancé Shailene Woodley.

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley Spotted At Wedding

The two attended the wedding of Rodger’s teammate and offensive lineman, David Bakhtiari. Rodgers officiated the wedding in Santa Barbara, California. 

He had Woodley attended the nuptials as “friends.” But one source says that Rodgers wants to rekindle the relationship. 

The latest via People

“They both had intense work schedules in the fall and it wasn’t possible for them to focus on their relationship,” explains the insider. “Now when Aaron’s season is over, he wants to give it another try. He thinks Shailene is very special. She is more hesitant though.”

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Report: Aaron Rodgers Agrees To Record-Breaking Deal

Rodgers is technically a free agent right now and has not decided whether or not to return to play with the Green Bay Packers, be traded or sign with another team, or retire. But one thing is clear. It is in Rodgers’ Court.

The Packers want him back, and they are offering a monumental amount of money to secure their franchise quarterback.

But according to reports, the deal is all but signed and it will “alter the quarterback market.” And boy are they right.

‘Historic’ Packers Offer Would Make Aaron Rodgers Highest Paid Quarterback

The deal would make Rodgers the highest-paid quarterback and the highest-paid player in the history of the NFL.

That distinction is currently held by Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, who is beginning a 10-year $450 million deal. Mahomes’ deal is incentive-heavy and back-heavy, meaning he won’t see most of that money until the tail end. 

Rodgers has a much shorter shelf-life. At 38, one can speculate that he has 4-5 years left at most. Rodgers takes good care of himself and has avoided significant injury, so he may continue to perform at a high level until his mid-40s. Green Bay is betting on that by making his contract very heavy at the end. 

The Packer’s contract offer to Rodgers is not fully guaranteed. Many speculated that Rodgers would want a fully guaranteed deal, which has only ever happened once in NFL history.  A previously unheard-of deal, Kirk Cousins was the first to sign a fully guaranteed contract in 2018. Now that deal was only for three years and $84 million, but Rodgers is getting a lot more money for one year more. 

But nothing is guaranteed in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is going to do what he wants. He’s a strange bird who goes on yoga diets that involve “flushing” the body of toxins via laxatives. Also, it isn’t like he needs the money. Rodgers seems to be a player greatly motivated by success. If he can feel as if the Packers will build a Super Bowl-caliber team, that could encourage the MVP to stick around. 

We will keep you posted. 

UPDATE: The Deal Is Done!

Within a span of 15 minutes the historic deal between Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers has been confirmed. Aaron Rodgers will return to the Packers for at least another 4. Someone wants Super Bowl redemption.

Did Aaron Rodgers deserve this deal? Should Shailene Woodley give him another shot? Sound off in the comments below.

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