WWE Cost FTR Lose
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FTR wanted out of WWE at any cost, so they were okay to lose 20K worth of trademarks. Also, AEW removed a line this week that referenced Vladimir Putin.

WWE Cost FTR To Lose Around $20K

FTR (formerly The Revival) did not enjoy their stay with WWE. Things got so bad, several times the team requested their release.

WWE denied them for months, despite showing no interest in pushing the team. Eventually, WWE parted with the duo.

While speaking on The Sessions with Renée Paquette, Dax Harwood went over what helped finally helped get the release. Basically, they signed over thousands of dollars in trademarks to WWE.

“They were going to extend your contract because of you injury until August,” said Harwood. “But, the out is, all these trademarks you have, sign them over to us and we will let you have your release, no 90 days, and we’ll give it to you today.’” 

“We spent like $10-20,000 on trademarks. Stuff that we came up with, not them, but we wanted out so bad and were unhappy, just let them have it.” 

“It’s just money. We called back and said, ‘you can have all the trademarks, just please give us our release,’ and they did.”

 Not too much later, FTR debuted in AEW. Since then, they have captured tag team gold there and remain one of the many teams always in running for another title shot.

Also, they are now managed by Tully Blanchard. Overall, leaving WWE and losing the trademarks was worth it.

AEW Edits Vladimir Putin Line

WWE Cost FTR Lose

Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

Max Caster of The Acclaimed raps to the ring as part of his gimmick. They are not the worst, but the lyrics have caused headaches for AEW.

Most recently, another line from his latest rap was cut. During Rampage, AEW edited part of what Caster said.

Caster’s version stated, “Play with the Acclaimed, you gotta be stupid. This guy’s as popular as Vladimir Putin.” Thankfully, Tony Khan had the line removed before it hits the airwaves.

The situation involving Russia and Ukrainian is very dangerous at the moment. The world is watching, with majority of the countries supporting Ukraine while putting down Vladimir Putin.

As noted, this is not the first time Caster’s words have gotten heat. In the past, he angered people by joking about the Duke Lacrosse rape case, Simon Biles’ mental health, COVID testing and sexual remarks about AEW’s own Julia Hart.

Khan has stated he will now overlook all of the raps Caster performs before they hit the air. So, that works with Dark and Rampage because they are taped. 

Although, Dynamite is live and there is only a slight delay button. Meanwhile, Caster and The Acclaimed have not appeared too much on Wednesday nights in recent memory.