wrestlemania title unification clarity
source: @wweonfox, twitter, screenshot

One major news item from last week does have us still asking questions, so there is now some WrestleMania-title unification clarity. Plus, is Triple H done for good?

WrestleMania 38 – Title Unification Clarity

The news was big, if a little confusing, so here’s some possible WrestleMania-title unification clarity for you.

To catch you up, in the event you somehow missed the news…

Last week WWE announced that the WrestleMania match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will be a title unification bout.

Lesnar regained the WWE title at Elimination Chamber. Reigns has been Universal Champion for a lot longer than that.

The main event for the Sunday portion of WrestleMania 38 will be a title unification bout…or will it be?

Here’s were some clarity is needed.

wrestlemania title unification clarity

source: @wweonfox, twitter, screenshot

First, WWE is hyping a big Madison Square Garden show this coming weekend. There, more than once, Paul Heyman has promised Lesnar will lose his title.

Whether he even fights Bobby Lashely remains to be seen.

Considering WWE is billing the Reigns-Lesnar bout in Dallas as the “Biggest match in WrestleMania history”, it seems unlikely we’d see a title change on Saturday.

Then again, per the Wrestling Observer…will the WrestleMania title unification match mean we see the end of the brand split?

According to the report, no, we won’t see the brand split end. We won’t even see RAW and SmackDown share a single world champion for too long.

As has happened in the past…the Observer expects history to repeat itself.

Meaning that one man should leave Dallas with both belts. But that, whichever show lacks a champion, expect a new one to be crowned soon after.

Whether it’s as we’ve seen before, where someone is handed a belt…or if we get a new tournament…that remains to be seen.

Kind of makes you wonder why they’d even bother doing a title versus title, winner take all match at ‘Mania, if they will just have 2 champions again soon after.

But this is WWE…so that’s about all the clarity we need.

Is Triple H Done For Good?

We have not seen Paul Levesque in quite some time, for good reason….so is Triple H done for good?

It’s of course been a challenging last year or so for the son in law of the WWE Chairman.

His pride and joy, NXT, was completely changed. Many talents he brought in are gone, and the brand is completely different.

On top of that, he suffered a significant health episode in 2021, and that’s seen him be out of the spotlight.

He is around, and has been spotted doing limited duties, but it’s reported he is focusing on his health more than anything.

When asked about the possibility of an in-ring return, the Observer reported that…while we can never say never with any Superstars…this one seems unlikely.

is triple h done

source: @sayantales, twitter, screenshot

Given what Triple H is dealing with relative to his heart, the future WWE Hall of Famer is likely done for good as an in-ring performer.

No one likes to be retired on any terms but their own. But, barring something unexpected, it seems Triple H is, or will be, purely a WWE executive from here on out.

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