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Things got very weird on the ABC talk show “The View” earlier this week when cohost Joy Behar put a bare foot on the table during a segment. Unfortunately for Behar, this has quickly blown up in her face, as internet users are slamming her feet for being “gross.”

‘The View’ Gets Weird

Daily Mail reported that it all started during a segment in which cohost Whoopi Goldberg brought up a recent Wall Street Journal oped that was titled “Here’s Why I’ll Be Keeping My Shoes on in Your Shoeless Home.”

“Stay home! Okay? Because you can’t tell people what you will or will not do when they’ve invited you to their home,” Goldberg said in response to the piece. “You can say you don’t want to come, but you can’t talk to people like that — or can you?”

That’s when Behar, 79, shocked everyone by putting her bare foot on the table and quipping, “Not everybody has gorgeous feet like I have.”

Behar’s cohosts then fawned over her feet, calling them “gorgeous” and saying that she has “the best feet ever.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin even said that her father is “impressed every time that you put your foot on the table.”

“If he ever saw my feet he would leave your mother,” Behar said in response.

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Things Get Even Weirder

The segment only went downhill from there, with Hostin and cohost Sara Haines eventually putting their bare feet on the table as well. 

“This is so disgusting. Can we stop putting people’s feet on the table?” cohost Ana Navarro could be heard saying as the show cut to commercial.

Check out this full segment for yourself below.

Viewers Slam Behar

Unfortunately for Behar, however, most viewers seemed to agree with Navarro that the segment was disgusting. 


“Right when I think this show has hit a low it gets more disgusting,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “Yeah this was gross. I changed the channel.”

“Bare feet on the table? Nope! That went on for faar too long,” commented another user.

Goldberg’s Holocaust Scandal

This comes at a difficult time for “The View,” as Goldberg is fresh off a two-week suspension for saying that the Holocaust was not about race.

Many still feel that Goldberg should have been fired for saying this by ABC, a network that just a few years ago fired the conservative comedian Roseanne Barr for making comments that were deemed to be racist. 

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If “The View” is doing segments where women who are nearly 80 are putting their bare feet on tables for the world to see, they seem to be running out of ideas. Perhaps they should quit while they’re ahead, and finally put an end to this ridiculous talk show that continues to be an embarrassment on a daily basis. 

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