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You’ve heard “I Can Only Imagine” thousands of times. I know I have. I grew up on the song and sometimes catch myself humming it. It is deeply ingrained in me.

There are thousands of covers and even a movie based on the writing song. But you’ve never seen a video quite like this one.

Hollywood, Alabama Police Chief Jason Hepler lip-synced the dog along with his beloved K9 Fox. 

The two have such natural chemistry. This will definitely pull at your heartstrings. 

Enjoy the  and the music as Hepler and his loyal partner Fox perform to “I Can Only Imagine”:

The Magic of Dogs

Dogs are mans’ best friend. The loyalty and love a dog has for people are unmatched in any other animal. It breaks my heart when I see a skittish and angry dog. That pup wasn’t born like that but was made that way by a cruel or disinterested owner.

My precious girl Petra came from several abusive homes and is still skittish around strangers. She is a goofball and klutz but she’s MY goofball and klutz.

Every time I come home to her she is so excited to see me. She misses me so much, and I miss her too! This is the video of us from when I had to isolate due to COVID for three weeks.

I grew up afraid of dogs. A german shepherd who never got out of his backyard escaped and attacked me when I was 5. For about twenty years following, dogs scared me and I would frequently cross the street when they were walking. 

It took me years to understand that not all dogs are bad. There are no bad dogs, only bad honors. I soon met plenty of beautiful pooches who showed me canines are capable of unlimited love and affection. 

Petra, as you can see, is a white german shepherd mix. My parents still can’t believe how much of a “dog person” I have became. 

Dogs do so much for us

 Dogs are our companions and partners in life. They do everything for us. 

They are our protectors

They put up with silly outfits

They comfort us at our tenderest moments

And they love making new friends


Watch I Can Only Imagine

If you enjoyed the the MercyMe song in this video but haven’t seen the blockbuster movie of the same name, do it now! 

I Can Only Imagine stars Dennis Quaid and tells the story of the award-winning Christian group  MercyMe’s lead singer. This moving faith-based film smashed box office expectations when it hit the big screen in 2018.

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You can watch the captivating trailer for I Can Only Imagine below.

And if you enjoyed I Can Only Imagine, be sure to check out I Still Believe starring Gary Sinise and Shania Twain by the same makers.

Did you enjoying watching this police officer and his dog perform to “I Can Only Imagine”? Share your favorite dog story in the comments below!

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