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Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who is best known for being a former professional dancer on “Dancing With The Stars,” took to social media on Thursday to post an emotional message from his home country of Ukraine after it was invaded by Russia. 

Chmerkovskiy’s Emotional Video

“Everybody was hoping that the finality of this situation would be averted, that there wasn’t going to be these kind of aggressive measures,” Chmerkovskiy said as he showed an ambulance being followed by a military convoy down an empty street.

“I’m uneasy, I’m very scared … but I do know, at the very least, I have a chance. I have a passport and a way out. A lot of people here do not, and it’s f***ing nonsense,” he added, according to CBS News


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Chmerkovskiy’s Wife Peta Murgatroyd Asks For Prayers

Chmerkovskiy spent years appearing on “Dancing With The Stars,” winning the show in 2014 and meeting his wife Peta Murgatroyd on it before he left in 2018 to continue his work elsewhere in the dance world.

Murgatroyd has also taken to social media to call for prayers for her husband as he remains in Ukraine.

“Please pray for my husband Maks. I don’t usually ask these things from my social media network, however today is extremely hard and the next few will be even harder,” she wrote. “My pain is overwhelming and I’m struggling, but you sending your positive light and love to him would mean the world to me. Truly, I wish for nothing more.”


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Maks’ brother Val Chmerkovskiy, who’s also a pro dancer on ‘DWTS,’ took to Instagram sharing about when his parents left Ukraine and the “cruel irony” that Maks is there now.


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‘I Will Never Be The Same’

“I will never be the same,” Chmerkovskiy wrote in the caption of his video. “This is stressful and I’m getting old feelings back, like I’ve done this before. This does feel like the way it was when and why we left in the ’90s. Like my old PTSD I’ve finally fixed is coming back.”

“Not that no one saw this coming, but that we hoped the finality of this situation would be averted, that there would not be these kind of aggressive measures,” he added in the video.


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Chmerkovskiy let his fans know that he was heading to a bomb shelter in an attempt to stay safe. He also said that he wanted to get his firsthand experience out to the public since “the news has been crazy.”

‘Full-Scale Invasion’

Ukraine has said that what Russia is doing to their country is a “full-scale invasion,” and leaders across the world have denounced the actions that have been taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

“Putin is the aggressor,” American President Joe Biden said on Thursday. “Putin chose this war. And now he and his country will bear the consequences.”

Please keep Chmerkovskiy and the Ukrainian people in your thoughts and prayers during this horrifying time. 

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