Edge main evented Raw by holding court and demanding someone from the locker room accept his open challenge for WrestleMania.

I speculated a lot on potential options

Edge’s opponent is…

Edge called for AJ to be the BULLDOG and not the “Tag team b*tch” he’s been from years past.

The Ultimate Opportunist then sucker-punched Styles before delivering a low blow and pummeling Styles into the ground.

Edge then teased the ConChairto and then, after a few moments of pondering…DID IT! Edge is back! Holy crap. The show ended with a cascade of boos as a shocked and sinister Edge looked up to the sign.

Here’s How The Internet Reacted To Edge’s Mania Opponent

People are shocked and excited!

Here’s How I Reacted

I said earlier that I wasn’t a fan of this potential pairing but was open to being wrong. And guess what? I WAS WRONG. Heel Edge is so devious, and seeing a more mature Edge grapple with his darker side was something to see. Edge breaking out the Conchairto was a brilliant move as well.

We’ve had this Comeback Edge for the last two years. Now it is time for “Evil, End Your Career By Breaking Your Neck” Edge. I almost forgot how good of a heel Edge was. And this time, it isn’t evil, smiling Edge. Edge is now grizzled and conflicted. He doesn’t want to become this man again. But Edge feels like he has no choice. He was to become sinister again. That’s what will bring out the Bulldog of AJ Styles.

The following five weeks are going to be so much fun. I love Mania season. 

I didn’t expect an Edge heel turn, but I am glad we got it. I am sold!

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