Hutchins husband blames Alec Baldwin

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin got some bad news on Thursday morning when the husband of the late Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was killed when a gun the actor was holding went off on the set back in October, spoke out to slam him in a new interview. 

Matt Hutchins Slams Baldwin 

Daily Mail reported that in an interview with the “Today” show, Matt Hutchins blasted Baldwin for trying to play the victim in this situation.

“He said essentially he felt grief but no guilt. Almost sounds like he was the victim,” Hutchins said. “And hearing him blame Halyna in the interview and shift responsibility to others and seeing him cry about it, I just feel like – are we really supposed to feel bad about you, Mr. Baldwin?”

Baldwin said in an interview back in December that he did not feel guilty about Halyna’s death because he does not believe he was responsible for it. He alleges that the gun simply went off in his hand on its own, and that he did not pull the trigger. 

“Watching him I just felt so angry,” said Hutchins, who was married to Halyna for 16 years and is now raising their 9-year-old son Andros on his own. “I was just so angry to see him talk about her death so publicly in such a detailed way and then to not accept any responsibility after having just described killing her.”

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Hutchins Says Baldwin Is To Blame For Shooting 

Hutchins, an attorney who went to Harvard, said this morning that he feels Baldwin is to blame for his wife’s death. 

“The idea that the person holding the gun and causing it to discharge is not responsible is absurd to me,” Hutchins said. “But gun safety was not the only problem on that set. There were a number of industry standards that were not practiced and there’s multiple responsible parties.”

Last week, Hutchins filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin in which he claimed that 15 safety practices were ignored on the set.

“The lawsuit [is] seeking to hold accountable the people who are responsible for Halyna’s death, which was totally preventable,” Hutchins explained. “In the end, you know, justice won’t bring Halyna back, but maybe the memory of her can help keep people safe and prevent something like this from ever happening again.”

Baldwin has fired back at this lawsuit through his attorneys, who say that any claims that he’s responsible for Halyna’s death are “entirely false.”

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Hutchins Recalls Moment He Found Out About Shooting

In today’s interview, Hutchins recalled the moment he found out about the shooting that claimed Halyna’s life.

“I remember the production team told me that Halyna had been shot, and my heart sank right away, completely inexplicable to me that it could have happened at that moment,” he recalled. “When I got to the doctor and spoke with him and he detailed exactly what had happened and that she didn’t survive, I mean, I was heartbroken. I knew that I had to tell my son right away when I saw him.”

Hutchins also said that his family is “pursuing justice every way we can.” Check out his full interview below. 

This comes as the investigation into Halyna’s death is still ongoing, and prosecutors have said that criminal charges for Baldwin are not off the table.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out.