Public School privilege

A public high school in California went full “woke” by telling students that they are privileged if they are Christian, straight, or male, but it is not ending well for the district. 

‘Woke’ Lesson Plan 

Desert Sands Unified School District has gone into damage control after receiving backlash over the lesson that public information officer Mary Perry said “was not in alignment with the district-adopted curriculum” and “actions are being taken to rectify the situation.”

“The teacher was operating outside the scope of [the] adopted curriculum and had potentially presented a biased position,” Perry told Daily Signal. “Corrective action is underway.”

Graphics that were part of the lecture materials for Nov. 15 to 19 tell students that if they “don’t have to think about it, it’s a privilege.”  

“If you can use public bathrooms without stares, fear, or anxiety, you have cisgender privilege,” read one graphic, with another stating, “If, while growing up, college was an expectation of you, not a lofty dream, you have class privilege.” 

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Parent Outraged 

Desert Sands Unified School District parent Celeste Fiehle posted the lesson to a Facebook group called Informed Parents of California, saying that it was used in a ninth grade English class and noting that students were told “no cellphones allowed.” 

“Wonder why,” she sarcastically added.

Kenny Snell, a teacher in the school district and spokesman for Desert Sands Unified School District Recall, said in a statement that his school board recall organization considers any lesson based on “critical race theory pedagogies to be objectionable.” 

“Politically biased indoctrination, that divides our students into victims and oppressors, educates them from the annals of Fake News stories from the legacy media, and instructs them in the ways of violent BLM [Black Lives Matter] and Antifa ‘civic activism’ does not belong in public education,” said Snell, who is not teaching at the moment because he is “out on disability” due to a mask mandate.

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‘Check Your Privilege’ Campaign

The lesson in question appears to stem from the “Check Your Privilege” campaign, which was launched in 2014 by the University of San Francisco’s Intercultural Center.

This campaign states that privilege is “unearned access to social power based on membership in a dominant social group.” 

“If you can expect time off from work to celebrate your religious holidays, you have Christian privilege,” one poster from the campaign says, with another adding, “If you’re confident that police exist to protect you, you have white male privilege.” 

“If you cannot be legally fired from work because of your perceived sexuality, you have heterosexual privilege,” a third poster says. 

Expert Sounds Off 

Asra Nomani, vice president for strategy and investigations with the grassroots education organization Parents Defending Education, said that this kind of lesson plan reduces “human beings and children to the lowest common denominator.”

“A child who happens to grow up with an expectation of college should not be shamed,” Nomani said. “A child who grows up heterosexual should not be made to feel like they are carrying some kind of privilege.”

“Every single human being is individual and different,” she continued. “These posters reduce human beings to external markers that hardly reflect the complex story of what a child lives and experiences. What’s so ironic is that these posters negate the entire philosophy of honoring a person’s ‘lived experience,’ the propaganda of these diversity, equity, and inclusion folks. All it does is erase human beings and reduce them to labels. ”

This is unfortunately a prime example of the “woke” indoctrination of our children that is happening in schools all over the country. If something is not done to stop this soon, the next generation of Americans really is doomed.