The UFC needs the PFL, just like WWE used to need WCW.

Let me explain.

When you reach the top of the mountain, where is there left to go? Only down. 

When pro wrestling was at its peak, fans had both WWE (WWF) and WCW to watch on a weekly basis. Shows were held nightly, with big-time pay-per-views turning into must-order events. 

For the UFC, there has been little competition to force the hand. A few promotions have come and gone, with Bellator MMA doing its best to push them over the years. 

But the PFL has a chance to really take that next step towards being a prime contender. 

And that only is helped by the move to remain on ESPN Networks for the foreseeable future. 

ESPN is the epicenter of sports broadcasting. 

With ESPN+ hitting more and more homes as more and more go to streaming, having that launching pad for fighters is key. Add in events on big ESPN and ESPN2, and headlines are sure to be made.

The added benefit is that when you are on ESPN Networks, the “other” programming picks up more on you. SportsCenter will show highlights and conduct interviews, openings for fighters to get on other shows is also available.

Plus, as PFL has taken advantage of, you can post new shows and episodes instantly on ESPN+. 

The coming year will be a key one for PFL. They appear set to bring back a number of key champions including Kayla Harrison and Ray Cooper III, have added the likes of Rory MacDonald and Anthony Pettis, and also have an interesting star in Claressa Shields. 

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