Kathy Griffin un-cancelled

Comedian Kathy Griffin is desperate to get “un-cancelled” after she found herself in the doghouse for the infamous 2017 photo in which she stood holding what appeared to be the severed head of President Donald Trump.

‘I Was Erased’

While many would argue that Griffin has not felt the consequences of cancel culture that many on the right are hit with, she herself believes that what happened to her was actually worse than cancellation.

“I wasn’t canceled,” Griffin told The New York Times. “I was erased.”


Despite the fact that she released a photo of herself posing with the bloodied severed head of a sitting U.S. president, the radically liberal Griffin continues to see herself as the victim in this situation. 

“I just want to get back to making people laugh,” she whined. “More than anything else, that’s what has been robbed from me.”

She told the NYT, “​​I honestly never had a desire to make enemies. But I keep making enemies.”

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Griffin Brings Gender Into It 

Unsurprisingly, Griffin believes that there is a double standard at play when it comes to the consequences she’s faced for her anti-Trump photo, citing celebrities like Dave Chappelle being allowed to resume their careers after being targeted by cancel culture.

“When you’re an artist known for being ‘difficult’ and you’re a man, they write New Yorker profiles about you and then Aaron Sorkin writes an open letter in support,” she said “But when you’re ‘difficult’ and you’re a woman, they call you a pain in the (expletive).”

For someone complaining so much about being permanently cancelled, however, Griffin is sure working an awful lot.

She’s embarked on multiple comedy tours that have taken her around both the country and the world in the years since the Trump photo was released. She also had a documentary come out about her life, and she’s even currently a series regular on the HBO series “Search Party.”

Apparently this is all not enough for Griffin, who doesn’t seem to realize that conservative stars who are “cancelled” for voicing their views often don’t find any work in the entertainment world at all. 

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Twitter Users Slam Griffin 

Twitter users have been quick to let Griffin know exactly what they think about her and her quest to get “un-cancelled.”





If any entertainer stood with the bloodied severed head of Joe Biden in a photo, he or she would be blacklisted from the entertainment world forever, as liberals would lose their minds over such an image.

Griffin should consider herself privileged to be a raging leftist working in a leftwing industry that is willing to forgive anything that is done with the goal of hurting Trump.

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