is roderick strong done in wwe

As with the rest of his former stable, is Roderick Strong done in WWE? Plus, there is a big push within the company to sign one young ROH champion.

Is Roderick Strong Done In WWE

While he was featured ahead of Tuesday’s NXT episode, is Roderick Strong about to be done in WWE?

Strong versus the newly relocated WALTER was a feature bout on the Tuesday show.

But, was it Strong’s final match within WWE?

While it might not be the clear-cut end, Wrestling Observer indicates that the end seems to be near.

So, to answer the question: is Roderick Strong done in WWE? The answer is…it may not look good.

The company, as shown by the NXT 2.0 rebranding and the plethora of cuts, is pushing for new, young Superstars.

Roderick Strong is neither new nor young.

He also happens to be the last man standing from his former stable. All other members of what was the Undisputed Era now work for Tony Khan, instead of Nick Khan.

And, as the Observer also noted, Strong recently opened his own shop under the PWTees umbrella…something you don’t expect a long-term WWE Superstar to do.

So, while Strong is not yet done with WWE…it’s hard not to think his future within NXT in particular and WWE in general does not look all that great.

is roderick strong done in wwe

source: custom, Roderick Strong twitter screenshot

It should be said, however, that his match with WALTER did not go off like it was a farewell.

While Strong was indeed pinned clean, it was a very excellent television match and the audience was into the match.

At the conclusion, we saw Strong attacked by Imperium, only to be saved by the rest of the Diamond Mine stable.

Though it might seem Roderick Strong could be done in WWE…Tuesday’s match didn’t make it clear either way.

While other recent departures were clearly written off, it seems if Strong will be exiting, his final chapter is yet to be written.

Big Push To Sign ROH Champion

While WWE has cut a lot of talent, they still want new Superstars. As such, there is a big push to sign a young ROH champion.

That champion would be the 20 year old Rok-C.

big push to sign roh champion

source: custom, wrestle purists twitter screenshot

As has been covered, Ring of Honor is currently on hiatus, as the company gets themselves re-imagined a bit.

In the meantime, every single one of it’s stars has been a free agent.

Some have already popped up within AEW.

Others have found their way to a WWE tryout, and people are reporting there is a big push to sign the former ROH champion.

In a report via Fightful, Rok-C was among a number of other fresh faces to recently attend a tryout at the WWE Performance Center.

Per the report, she performed exceptionally well, hence the push to sign her.

As discussed, in years past the company might have been extremely leery of signing a talent as young as 20.

Sure, in certain special cases, such a young Superstar was seen…but those cases were few and far between.

Rok-C, however, is not just another young talent. She has excelled in ROH (hence why she was a champion).

And, she has continued to impress, as the results of her tryout prove.

Speaking of age, clearly if WWE had a bias against exceptionally young talents, such a stance has softened.

One only needs to look at NXT 2.0, where the name of the game is pushing young talent.

Currently, they have one Superstar of a similar age who has been impressive: Cora Jade.

Could Rok-C join her? Time will tell…

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