Big E Title Run
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Big E scored his first major WWE title in September 2021. During a recent interview, the superstar notes how unhappy he is was with the short run.

Big E Unhappy With Title Run

Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank (MITB) briefcase on Bobby Lashley during Monday Night RAW last fall. He lost the championship recently during the Day 1 pay-per-view (PPV) to Brock Lesnar.

E defended his WWE Championship at the event in a Fatal Five-Way match. He faced Lesnar, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Lashley.

Many fans were hoping that Big E would be given a longer tenure with the title. Especially heading into Road to WrestleMania season.

Big E Wanted More With The Title Run

The former WWE Champion spoke with Sports Illustrated recently. During the interview, he revealed he wanted more from the title run.

As he puts it, he was hoping for a “five-course meal”. Instead, he got an appetizer.

E also notes that he’s over-critical of his work, as it is. However, he did say that he wasn’t overly happy with the run, and it’s “motivated” him to start “climbing” back.

Not every superstar gets a WWE Championship run, so it is nice that Big E has added that to his resume. With that said, most people believe he deserved a longer run.

Big E entered NXT in 2012 and has been impressive with his unique mic skills and in-ring styles. Not only has he experienced success with New Day but has accomplished many things as a singles competitor.

In fact, he’s been an NXT Champion, Intercontinental Champion (twice), RAW and SmackDown Tag titleholder (multiple times over), and 2021 Mr. MITB. Plus, his recent WWE title reign.

Could he end up winning this year’s Royal Rumble to main event WM and get that gold back? Anything is possible in the land of the WWE!

Hulk Hogan Criticizes Betty White

On Monday, Hulk Hogan made a Facebook comment regarding Betty White’s passing, as well as the reason behind other recent celebrity deaths. He responded to someone’s comment noting that Bob Saget, who recently passed away, did so due to the COVID-19 vaccine booster.

Big E Title Run

Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

The Hulkster agreed with what the commenter said, and suggested other celebrities have died due to the booster shot.

Hogan responded to the post by saying, “100%”. He also notes that “Betty” [White] and “Sidney” [Poitier] were “jabbed”.

Hulk ends the comment by saying that they are “dropping” like flies. The WWE Hall of Famer did edit his Facebook post after some backlash.

Hogan would then delete the comment entirely. Still, the original post can be seen via a tweeted screenshot.

Betty White’s Cause Of Death

The cause of Betty White’s death was said to be a stroke. The legendary actress passed away at the age of 99, mere weeks away from her 100th birthday.

Meanwhile, the deaths of both Sidney Poitier and Bob Saget are currently being investigated. The reason behind their passings is unknown at this time.

“Hulk Hogan” was trending on Twitter last night, due to his Facebook comments. This wasn’t the first time that Hogan has faced backlash for controversial comments made, and it likely won’t be the last.

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