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According to various reports, the Academy Awards will have a host for the first time in three years. COVID and cancel culture have caused the Oscars to be sans host since 2018. While there are no hosts announced yet, there is already buzz on who might host the show. 

Rumored Oscar Hosts

The biggest rumor going is that the Oscars have reached out to Spider-Man. Tom Holland is one of the favorites to host this year. 

This is the Academy going for a safe and inoffensive pick. Tom Holland has a clean track record, a likable personality, and bonus points, he can dance.

Holland’s PR team is no doubt working overtime to make this happen.

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There is no talk of any other host favorites, so the media at least believes Holland to be the favorite. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tiffany Haddish hosts the Oscars. 

Who Should Host The Oscars

Ricky Gervais 

One of the few comedians who is fearless and unapologetic. And. he’s not afraid to attack celebrities for their hypocrisy.

Norm MacDonald (RIP)

Norm left us late last year. However, he would have been the perfect Oscar host. He wrote for awards shows and hosted the ESPYs one year, giving one of the best opening monologues in television award show history.

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But Who Should Really Host The Oscars?

The answer should be no one.

We don’t need a host to deliver the same tired written-by-committee and cleared by standards “jokes” we can see on late-night talk shows. 

In fact, why even televise it? Most people just care about the red carpet. Film everyone in their pretty dresses and sharp tuxedos and then have a ceremony and get it over with. 

We don’t need three hours of bad jokes, cringey speeches, and bad musical numbers. Also, do we really need a full 10 minutes on “Best Cinematography”?

Actually, yes, that’s what I care about it. I love the obscure awards. Best Actor? Who cares? Best Original Screenplay? BORING. Give me Production Design and Best Sound! That is the real movie-making magic. 

I look forward to forgetting which day the Oscars are on. I will also continue my tradition of not seeing a single movie nominated for Best Picture.

What do you think about the Oscars? Will you watch with or without a host? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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