Tim Allen Calls For An End To Pandemic Restrictions
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Tim Allen of “Home Improvement” and The Santa Claus fame has never been one who is afraid to speak his mind, even if it goes against the leftwing narrative that dominates the entertainment industry. 

That’s why it should come as no surprise that Allen is speaking out to say what many of us have been thinking about COVID-19 restrictions for quite some time now.

Allen Calls For Us To ‘Move On’ From COVID-19

“Without saying it, I feel people [are] ready to move on [from COVID-19],” Allen told WPTV. “Even though [the pandemic] may or may not be over, we’re over. We got it. We got it. We got to live our lives and move on and [that’s with] all due respect for the people in pain and the people that have suffered with this, that’s with all due respect for that. That said, you’re going to have to move on.”

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Allen gave this interview to promote an upcoming standup comedy appearance at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood. He also talked about how much harder the pandemic has made comedy.

‘It’s A Tightrope’

“It’s a tightrope,” Allen explained. “I have a family member that passed away. I have neighbors that have passed away. Then I’ve had hundreds of thousands of people, a lot of which I don’t know, that had [COVID-19] and didn’t know they had it. This [has] been a very difficult navigation for a comedian.”

Allen then said that another difficulty that COVID-19 has posed comedians like himself is that its hard for them to know if they’re bombing when the audience has faces that are covered up by masks. 

“[It’s a] big difference for a comedian to hear that muffled laugh,” he said. “It wasn’t [as] satisfying.”

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Allen also said that he has had to drastically change parts of his standup act due to the highly charged political environment that we are now living in. 

“Lately, because of the sensitivity, which bothers me, I’m more likely to want to poke that. … But out of respect, I will tell people as an adult, there’s some things I’m going to say that don’t mean the same thing to me as they might mean to you,” he said. “So I go through a litany of stuff up front.”

Time For America To Let Go Of Divisiveness

In the end, Allen thinks it’s time for our country to move on from much of this pandemic, and to let the divisiveness go as well.

“But if we get to this room, the reason that we’re laughing is [because] we’ve let stuff go,” Allen said, referring to where he’s performing at the Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 6, 2022. 

There are undoubtedly millions of Americans out there who would agree with Allen that it is time to move on from this pandemic and the restrictions that have come with it.

The liberal elites of Hollywood would do well to listen to someone like Allen, as he clearly has his finger on the pulse of what the average American is thinking more than they do. 

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