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Proving that the universe is perhaps running out of ideas, one of the most infamous television gaffs of all time almost repeated itself. Steve Harvey, a man who seems to host pretty much everything on television, was once again MC-ing the Miss Universe pageant. And much like in 2015, Harvey almost read off the wrong name! 

It appeared to be a mix-up in the cue cards. Harvey quickly noticed it and made a joke about it

“They wrote Portugal on the damn sign, trying to play me – they’re trying to get me again. But I’m not going for it this year,” Harvey said. “Congratulations Paraguay. They had Portugal on the damn sign. I looked dead at it. Y’all saw it. Don’t try to blame this on me this year.”

WHEW! What a close one. Glad that Steve was able to avoid another mix-up. But let’s talk about the real scandal, the bonkers jacket Steve was wearing.

What kind of airbrushed Mariachi coat is that?

I believe that is the skyline of the city hosting the pageant, Israeli resort town Eliat. Harvey is known for some attractive outfits, and at least this assault on the eyes is more fitting than his usual massive purple and gold suits he sports on the Feud.

The eventual winner was Miss India, Harnaaz Sandhu.


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How Do We Feel About Miss Universe Beauty Pageants?

Are we fans of beauty pageants? I hate to be the “It is 2021!” guy, but…it is 2021.

Do we still need beauty pageants? I don’t think so. Frankly, I don’t see their appeal in the first place. Do we need an elaborate show to decide the most beautiful woman in the “Universe.”

And while we’re at it… the Universe!? Come on, did the contestant from Kepler-186f get a chance to participate? Where is Miss Tatooine in all of this? 

I think we can do better at judging a woman’s worth than a pageant. But then again, it is 2021. Women are freer than ever to do what they want, so if they’re going to engage in a swimsuit competition while answering questions about world hunger, have at it. 

Curiously, Steve Harvey continues to be the host. Not because he isn’t funny, because he is. But I feel like his humor is uniquely American, and you could tell there were moments when the crowd wasn’t sure what was funny and what wasn’t. But I suspect since America has the largest audience watching the pageant, it is best to have an American host.

Anyway. I look forward to forgetting this competition exists until next year when Harvey gets Guyana and the Gambia confused.

What do you think of Miss Universe? Should Steve Harvey continue to be the host? Let us know in the comments below.

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