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The beloved game show Jeopardy! has been in turmoil ever since the passing of Alex Trebek. From fired hosts to hosts with controversial views and tweets, the quiz program has yet to find its footing with a host to replace the irreplaceable Trebek. And it seems like the drama is ongoing backstage. According to reports, interim host Mayim Bialik is causing a bit of friction backstage.


“Mayim’s getting the job done, but she isn’t fitting into the culture and insists on doing a lot of things her own way,”

Mayim might think she is bigger than the show, which would be a mistake. I understand and respect her wanting to pick her own outfits and plug her personality into the show, but the reality is that Jeopardy! is not about her, it is about the competition.

At least producers seem to understand that the show needs an actual host and not a celebrity: 

“The feeling on set is that the show needs a more polished pro, not a celebrity,” 

Curiously, if you look at Bialik’s Twitter, there is hardly any mention of the show.

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Can Anyone Replace Alex Trebek?

I think whoever follows Trebek has an impossible task. With all of the drama surrounding Jeopardy! I can’t help but wonder if maybe it was best if the show just ended when Trebek passed away.

What made Trebek such a great host was not what he did, but what he didn’t do. 

He didn’t make the show about himself, he didn’t fill the empty spaces with jokes or comments. Alex was amazing at keeping the flow of the show going, which on a game show is crucial. His decades of practice made for an excellent show.

I don’t like it when gameshows replace the hosts. The host is what makes or breaks a show. Did you ever watch Millionaire without Regis? It stunk! 

Let the memories remain, Jeopardy! shouldn’t be a show where there is ever ANY backstage drama. It is a universally beloved game show, not some reality TV pile of garbage. 

Who Should Replace Alex Trebek on Jeopardy?

The host should be someone who is polished at being a host.

Celebrity fill-ins are great but that isn’t a long-term solution. Why not Brooke Burns? She’s done a great job hosting The Chase and several other game shows on network television and the Game Show Network.

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