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On Monday’s episode of “The View,” Joy Behar show claimed that states will segregate schools again if the Supreme Court does not take action, referencing Brown versus the Board of Education in her rant.

Behar Sounds Off 

Behar said this while reacting to the Supreme Court’s procedural ruling that was handed down on Friday regarding the Texas abortion law. 

“If they keep throwing all these things to the states, I mean, they could overturn Brown versus the Board of Education,” she said, according to Fox News. “And bring back segregated schools if they want in some states.”

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Texas Abortion Law

The Texas law in question bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, and allows private individuals to file lawsuits in state court against people who allegedly perform abortions.

The Supreme Court announced on Friday that the law will remain in effect while justices hear a challenge about whether parties may bring suit against it before the state has actually taken enforcement actions consistent with the law. 

Despite the fact that this ruling was not a final say on whether the law will stay in place, Behar still unraveled as she attacked the Supreme Court. 

“Why do we need the Supreme Court?” she questioned. “They are on a path to oblivion, it seems to me, if they keep making this type of decision. Am I right about that?”

While guest conservative guest host Amanda Carpenter said that she is pro-life, she also said that she is against the Texas law because she feels it promotes vigilantism.

“I’m very fearful that going into 2022, when the Court does rule –  I think they will gut Roe in some way – we won’t have a nationwide debate about abortion, we’ll have a 50-state debate about abortion,” Carpenter said.

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Gavin Newsom Responds To Texas Ruling

Co-host Sara Haines praised California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) for responding to the Texas abortion ruling by pledging to sign a bill that would allow citizens to sue those who manufacture or sell assault weapons or ghost gun kits.

Newsom said the Supreme Court’s decision has set a precedent that will allow states to avoid federal courts when enacting laws.

Haines liked that Newsom did this, even though it’s clear that his bill will never hold up in court. 

“It shows you the Supreme Court is political and full of it … I think it’s an important piece of legislation, even if it is not going to work,” Behar concluded. 

It’s both sad and disturbing that Behar continues to have such a large national platform to spread her toxic take on issues on a daily basis. 

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