Georges St-Pierre, Others Star In Karate Combat: The Movie

Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre is among the many featured in a special short film released, Karate Combat: The Movie.

Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre stars in Karate Combat: The Movie. 

The short action-comedy was released on Thursday. Along with GSP, Danny Trejo, Bas Rutten, Lyoto Machida and others are featured. 

“I had a lot of fun working on Karate Combat: Season 3,” St-Pierre said. “The combination of real fights with high-level production is completely unique and it was also an honor to share the screen with legends like Danny Trejo and Bas Rutten. It was my first time working with Karate Combat but won’t be my last!” 

Below is a synopsis of the film: 

In Karate Combat: The Movie, St-Pierre is giving private lessons to Trejo when Rutten arrives in possession of time-travel technology which allows them to travel back several centuries to old Japan and explore the roots of karate before catapulting forward into the future, where Karate Combat has become the #1 sport on the planet.

At every stage of the journey – including a detour into the ‘karate boom’ years of 1980s Hollywood, viewers can witness real full-contact fights between Karate Combat competitors, including Louisianan welterweight champion Josh Quayhagen, lightweight champion Edgars Skrivers and Irish standout Eoghan Chelmiah.

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