The Definitive List Of Best Christmas Movies

There are a lot of viewing options when it comes to Christmas. Most of them are wrong. Here is a definitive list of the best Christmas movies

What are the best Christmas movies? That’s impossible to say. Or is it? While there are plenty of lists, few take the time to grade movies on their actual messages. Thankfully, you have me. Here is the DEFINITIVE list of the Best Christmas movies. 

This list is definitive and the effort of years of research. I also included what is, to me, the worst Christmas movie of all time. It is a controversial choice, but my research has shown that it is a terrible movie with an awful and frankly dangerous message.

OK, Onto the list.

White Christmas 

Bing Crosby, great songs, better dancing? This movie has it all.

Does the 4th Act hinge on perhaps the flimsiest premise in all of cinema? Absolutely.

But you don’t watch classic movies like these for the plots. You watch this movie for the spectacle and the entertainment. I mean, Danny Kaye’s and Vera-Ellen’s dance number is worth the price of admission alone. 

Here’s a classic scene from White Christmas.

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Die Hard

This action-packed cult classic takes place during Christmas, the holiday plays a central theme, and it features a family reuniting and a hero triumphing over evil.

If that isn’t Christmas, then what is?

It does fly in the face of the idea that Christmas movies are for everyone, but this is an “exception that proves that rule” film.  Wait until the kids are in their teens for this one. 

Home Alone 

Disney decided to reboot this beloved Christmas classic for some ridiculous reason. I refuse to acknowledge any Home Alone that doesn’t feature Macaulay Culkin.

Themes of family, the triumph of the spirit, and vanquishing evil are all keys to Christmas. What is great about this movie – and what I feel is a key for (most) Christmas movies – is that it is for the entire family. Anyone at any age can appreciate the fun of Home Alone.

A Christmas Story


I think what I like about this movie the most is that I’ve never sat and watched it all the way through. Since A Christmas Story runs for 24hrs seemingly every year, I’ve only picked up pieces here and there. I am not sure that I’ve even watched it in order.

But the great themes of discovering the true meaning of Christmas are there. Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!

Plus, who can forget this iconic scene – the dreaded Triple Dog Dare!

The Santa Clause

This might not be the BEST Christmas movie, but it is undoubtedly my favorite.

Before “deconstruction” and post-modernism became all the rage for Holiday movies, The Santa Clause took all the conventions around Saint Nick and put a unique touch on them.

It highlights perhaps what most people miss about Christmas. Christmas isn’t about the gifts of Santa but about how we treat one another and the importance and power of belief.

Santa Claus being a literal idea instead of an actual person is such a powerful premise that it bums me out to think how many young people are missing out on The Santa Clause.

That being said, it does include an 18-wheeler sized plot hole.

Arguably most importantly, The Santa Clause stars Tim Allen. Who doesn’t love Tim Allen?!

If you haven’t gotten your The Santa Clause fix in yet this year, here’s a highlight reel. Enjoy!

What Is The Worst Christmas Movie? 

It’s A Wonderful Life 

I don’t care. I’ll be flogged and probably fired for writing this. But I am on the right side of history.

It’s A Wonderful Life is a bad movie with a bad message. So this George Bailey dude, who seems to be awful at providing for his family and at his job, screws up big time. So what does he decide to do? Try to fix his mistake?

No, he tries to take a coward’s way out. And what saves him? Some act of God. An “angel” shows Bailey that he is important and only then does he decide to come back. And guess what? The problem he created ends up being solved without him.

So he was willing to put his family through untold pain over something that ended up not being a big deal?

What’s going to stop George from having a meltdown again the next time he misplaced something? The movie teaches you that you can just give up and some magical force will solve all your problems? How is that realistic? BOOOOOO

What do you think of my list? Share your thoughts.

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