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Country music darling and former “American Idol” contestant Lauren Alaina got vulnerable this week talking about how God has gotten her through the difficult times in her life to include helping her overcome eating disorders and more.

Lauren Alaina Opens Up About Her Christian Faith

“My faith is the foundation of everything that I do,” Alaina, 27, told The Christian Post. “I was very fortunate to be raised in a Christian household and to be taught early on. And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve defined my faith even more for myself. I think the thing that’s the most important about it to me is that it’s constant. It’s the one thing I can always count on.”

“My life is all over the place and very unexpected, and it’s a very different life than most people live,” she added. “The Lord is my one constant that I always can rely on. And that’s so nice, living such a hectic, crazy, unbelievable life — and beautiful life, it’s amazing. But it’s unexpected. So to have something that I know is always there, it’s just so important.”

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Lauren Alaina’s New Book: “Getting Good At Being You”

Alaina opens up further about her relationship with God in her new book, Getting Good at Being You: Learning to Love Who God Made You to Be.

“When I wrote the book, I really wanted to write it from a perspective of, ‘These are the things that I’ve been through, and this is how I got through it,’” she explained. “Being on the other side of it, being healed, I just want you to know that it’s possible; you can get through it.”

“I kind of had to go through all of these things to become the woman I am,” Alaina continued. “And we’re all going through things. And this book felt really necessary to me at this time, because it has been a time of brokenness and fear. And we all need love and healing right now … after the two years in this pandemic, I think we could all use a little extra healing and a little extra love.”

Lauren Alaina’s Eating Disorders

The ‘American Idol’ alum also details her struggles with eating disorders in “Getting Good At Being You”.

“I really deep dive into it in the book, explain kind of how it was established in my life, how long I really struggled with it and why, and all of the health problems that I suffered with because of the extreme choices I was making to be thin,” Alaina said. 

“I didn’t know how to tell my story without that, because everything in my life, as far as a brand, is kind of shaped around that experience,” she stated. “Because when I went down the journey of loving myself and accepting myself for who I am, I was inspired or pushed to do that because of my eating disorders.”

This certainly shines a new light on Lauren Alaina’s hit song “Road Less Traveled”. Here’s the official music video – really listen to the lyrics:

What ‘Really Tested’ Her Faith

Sadly, Alaina says that her faith was “really tested” after her stepfather died of cancer. 

“I felt very alone. I felt like [God] wasn’t there with me, but my grief was clouding that. He of course was there,” she recalled. “In traumatic experiences like that, I think that we sometimes want to play God; like, we think if we pray enough for something that we think should happen, that it’s what’s going to happen. However, none of us are god. We don’t have all of the answers.”

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We applaud Lauren Alaina for continuing to show the world what a good Christian woman looks like! If only there were more God-fearing women in Hollywood these days. 

Will you be picking up Lauren Alaina’s new book “Getting Good At Being You” for Christmas?

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