Candace Cameron Bure Reveals How Being A ‘Woman Of Faith’ Got Her Through Pandemic

Candace Cameron Bure just revealed how being a "woman of faith" got her through the COVID-19 pandemic this past year.

Best known for being in “Full House,” Candace Cameron Bure opened up in a new interview this week about how her faith got her through the tough times during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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Cameron Bure Talks COVID-19 And Her Faith

“It’s been incredibly difficult,” she told the Salvation Army Midland Division when asked how the pandemic has been for her. “It’s been so many changes for all of us, and for some much, much more difficult for some people.”

As a Hallmark movie star, she is called the “Queen of Christmas,” for starring in more than nine Christmas movies. She loves everything about Christmas she says, and has partnered with the Salvation Army.

She was the Salvation Army’s ambassador for the 2018 Red Kettle campaign. And, last year during the pandemic when the traditional red kettles were not available, she encouraged people to donate online to the Salvation Army.

Cameron Bure went on to say that while COVID-19 has changed her perspective on life, she’s been leaning on her faith like never before. 

“I’m a woman of faith and always have been a woman of faith,” she said. “My faith is not something I dig into when times are tough. It’s always a part of me no matter what. But I couldn’t go through those tough times without my faith. I find it almost shocking that anyone can because Jesus and the word of God give us so much hope and longing that there is something else ahead and beyond this life.”

“That is incredibly powerful,” Cameron Bure. “I’m as much a faithful woman during the hard times as in the celebratory times, just praising and thanking God for all the good things, like I woke up today and am breathing. That’s something to celebrate!”

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Cameron Bure Is An Empty Nester

With her three children all grown up now, Cameron Bure has found herself being an empty nester for the first time. Her children are 19, 21 and 23.

“I have just entered the season of being an empty nester,” she said. “I actually was an empty nester before the pandemic started. It’s just weird not to have my kids at home anymore.”

She shared a picture of Maksim heading to school. 


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Despite this, Cameron Bure is doing well these days, saying that she feels “stronger at 45 than I did when I was 20 years old. It’s just every time you get stronger, or I see my muscles from doing more pushups, it keeps me going to want to do more and just keep that up.”

“Really another big part why fitness is important for me is it’s so beneficial to my mental health,” she continued. “I juggle, as we all do, a lot of plates. I not only juggle my family but also work in a lot of different capacities. It can get really difficult. The travel can get strenuous as well. I need to keep my mental health clear.”

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Cameron Bure Is A Positive Role Model

Cameron Bure is one of the few stars in Hollywood who is actually a good Christian woman that can serve as a truly positive role model to young girls everywhere.

If only we had more celebrities in the world like her! 

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