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It is Christmas Holiday Time. The time when most people you know put up a Christmas tree, buy Christmas presents, and sing Christmas carols to celebrate the “Holidays.”And this comedian has a lot of thoughts on the logic attached to the phrase “Happy Holidays”.

The “War on Christmas” is probably one of the earlier and more recognizable battles of the modern PC war. While some might call it mythical or even laughable, there’s clearly something to it as hardly anyone says “Merry Christmas” anymore.

Does that bother you? Christian comedian Brad Stine is definitely bothered by it.

Brad Stine Takes On Outrage Mob And “Happy Holidays”

The unapologetically conservative Christian comedian is all in as he takes on political correctness and the problem with saying “Happy Holidays”. Take a look:

Stine’s most salient point is “Happy Holidays” seems uniquely targeted to go against Christmas.

There’s a ton of holidays in February and nobody says “Happy Holidays” in February, do they?

Stine says the outrage is not “real” and underscores his point with the Valentine’s example. 

Back in the day people said “Merry Christmas” to everyone. Not because we all celebrate in the same way but because Christmas is about everyone coming together. It had transcended any biblical meaning to become a time when people came together with their families.

Of course, there is still something to be said for the beautiful message of the Christmas story. Cue Stine’s best line, “Excuse me sir, which part is more offensive? The peace on earth or goodwill to men rhetoric?”

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When Is It OK To Say Happy Holidays? 

Despite its rampant secularization, Christmas is still at its core a Christian holiday. And sometimes people don’t celebrate Christmas.

Do I say “Merry Christmas” to everyone? No.

I have plenty of Jewish friends to whom I’ll wish “Happy Hanukkah.” And this year, I’ll send a few of them a “Happy Saturday” text on Christmas Day in the name of light fun. 

I think it is perfectly reasonable to say Merry Christmas instead of “Happy Holidays.” But there’s no reason to be a jerk about it.

Jesus didn’t want us to be rude, constantly correcting those who aren’t Christians. In my opinion, it is easy to show compassion while also remembering the reason for the season. 

Also, what is Boxing Day? I’ve never had anyone explain it. Unfortunately, it does not involve fistfights.  

Outrage Culture Has Gone Too Far

This evolution from PC to outrage is definitely out of hand.

What started as a movement not to hurt feelings has morphed into this monster where if you say anything not pre-approved by academics and the corporate media, you’re suddenly “canceled.”

And when people say “cancel culture isn’t real,” they point to people like Dave Chappelle still having success.

Cancel culture doesn’t just come for the rich and powerful, it ruins lives every day. From kids trying to go to college to people just having a bad day, social media will pounce on you and destroy you. Whatever happened to grace and forgiveness in this country? 

We just want to cancel and eliminate anyone from public life if they have one slip-up or say something you may disagree with? Is that the country we want to live in where everyone has to walk on eggshells? 

Who Is Brad Stine? 

Brad Stine is a Christian comedian, podcaster, and commentator who frequents Fox News and tours the country. He fires off jokes and takes on PC culture on his podcast, Brad Stine Has Issues


What do you think? Do you say “Happy Holidays”? Let us know in the comment section below.

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