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Arsonist Burns Down Fox News Christmas Tree — Here’s What We Know

The Fox News 'All-American' Christmas tree was the focus of an arsonist that was nabbed by the police as he was trying to flee the scene.

Talk about a War on Christmas. Someone in New York City burned down the Fox News Christmas tree outside their Manhattan headquarters. The fire caused quite a scene as the tall Norway spruce burned in the Big Apple night sky.

The tree burned late at night before being extinguished by the FDNY.

Here’s everything we know. 

Suspect In Custody

Police arrested 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha while he attempted to flee the scene. A Fox News contributor and former Manhattan prosecutor made the note that due to cash bail “reforms,” the homeless Tamanaha will be allowed to go free after he is charged

He faces one count each of second-degree criminal mischief, second-degree reckless endangerment, fifth-degree arson, second-degree criminal nuisance, third-degree criminal trespass, third-degree criminal tampering and disorderly conduct. All the arrest charges are misdemeanors and judges do not have the discretion to set bail on any of the counts

It is unlikely Tamanaha did this with any malice or ill intent. It is evident from his mental state and criminal record that he has a mental illness.

My hope and prayer are that this incident allows him to get the help he needs. Time in jail probably isn’t the answer. The judge will have the discretion to put him in a mental hospital, so let’s hope it only comes to that.

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Reaction To The Attack

As expected, the reaction to the attack is mixed. The usual Twitter trolls are celebrating a fire that destroyed tons of hard work and could have resulted in actual property damage. But some people found light-hearted humor in it.

Why Celebrate This?

There are plenty of people gleefully celebrating the destruction of a Christmas Tree. To them, I ask, why? What is the joy found in seeing the work of others destroyed? Is it because you hate Fox for some partisan reason? Can you not put the politics down for one moment?

Here’s the thing, you don’t even have to say a word about the fire. You don’t have to tweet about everything that happens. Sometimes, you can be quiet if you don’t have anything friendly or constructive to say. 

I know that’s a foreign concept to all those who must comment on everything. But please, for once. Just put the phone down and enjoy the holiday spirit instead of basking in the misfortune of others.

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