Rehoboth Beach Nativity War On Christmas

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has had a nativity scene on the town circle since the 1930s. That all changed last year when local politicians ordered the nativity be removed in order to be more “inclusive”. St. Edmonds Church and the Knights of Columbus have been fighting that decision for over a year and this battle in the War On Christmas isn’t over yet.

War on Christmas

The nativity scene, also called a creche, was just one of many displays. The City didn’t take issue with secular Christmas lights or Santa at the North Pole.

Instead, the elected officials took aim at the actual reason for the season – Jesus Christ’s birthday. Many view this as a war on the true meaning of Christmas.

This has infuriated Christians in the area. It was viewed as a very unpopular decision.

The Democrat Mayor, Paul Kuhns, is concerned about offending everyone except Christians, who understand the purpose of the holiday. Kuhns, a registered Democrat who unseated the previous Republican mayor of 27 years back in 2017, is holding firm in his decision to strip the nativity scene, also known as a crèche, from city property.

“City policy is not to have religious displays (like the nativity scene) on public property or city property.” Mayor Kuhns told the local television station.

Mayor Kuhns claims he doesn’t want to offend people of other religions by not including them in the Christmas display. Yet he fails to understand that Christmas is a Christian religion. Other faiths do not celebrate it.

Nativity Scene Removed

“We didn’t want to be exclusive and say put up a nativity scene and then go say that we’re for that religion, and because we don’t have anything else, we’re not for those religions,” Kuhns attempted to explain.

From CBN:

The Knights of Columbus then asked if they could place a nativity scene on the Boardwalk near the town circle, like the Chamber of Commerce is allowed to do with its Santa’s House.

But a city official responded that the Boardwalk is public property, and reiterated that city policy prohibits nativity scene from placement on the Boardwalk or any other public property because of its religious nature.

According to the First Liberty Institute, a religious rights law firm, the City of Rehoboth Beach’s policy goes against long-standing US Supreme Court opinions that even government-sponsored nativity displays are lawful in holiday displays when accompanied by secular and religious components, and that religious discrimination is unlawful.

Religious Discrimination

First Liberty Institute is helping St. Edmonds fight the City of Rehoboth Beach. They consider it “textbook religious discrimination” to allow secular displays while forbidding religious ones.

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“City officials either have terribly wrong information or such animus toward religion and people of faith that they would rather break the law than allow a Nativity display at Christmas time,” Roger Byron, senior counsel for First Liberty Institute stated.

“It is a blatant violation of the First Amendment to ban religious displays from public property. We hope the city officials are simply misinformed about the law. We encourage them to follow the law and allow the Knights and the people of this town to continue the beloved tradition of a crèche as one of the holiday displays at the Bandstand circle.”

This fight has been brewing for a year now. Watch the video below for the full story and to see the Christians who are fighting back against this War on Christmas.

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