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Is Charlotte Flair In Trouble, Changes Considered For NXT Contracts

With what's gone on recently, is Charlotte Flair in trouble with WWE? Plus, some changes are being considered for NXT contracts moving forward

With what has happened recently, it is reasonable to ask: is Charlotte Flair in trouble with WWE officials? And, in light of the latest batch of releases, the company has changes considered for NXT contracts.

Is Charlotte Flair In Trouble

We all saw what happened…and then saw the champion on her next SmackDown as if life was grand. But is Charlotte Flair in trouble with WWE?

If you somehow have not been tuned in…let’s recap what’s been happening.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch had a title swap on live television that did not go well. 

Belts were thrown, tempers flared. Ultimately, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch may or may not have had a go in the Gorilla position.

Per reports, Lynch was not the only WWE staffer who wanted to take on Charlotte Flair.

So, considering that the SmackDown Women’s Champion was escorted from the building that night…is Charlotte Flair in trouble?

is charlotte flair in trouble
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No. She is not.

Stunning? Maybe not as stunning as you think…and it’s not necessarily for the obvious reasons either.

Yes, Flair is a big star, the face of the women’s division for WWE. Everyone-including Charlotte-knows it.

So it wasn’t like WWE would cut Flair on the spot.

According to the Wrestling Observer, however…that is not even the main reason Flair seems to not be in trouble.

In fact, per the report…the problems are not just Charlotte’s. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango.

From what has been reported, it’s likely more than a handful of Superstars having issues and friction. 

So…if you are WWE…who do you punish? One, or all?

Or, do you talk to the talent and hope things settle down?

For now, it seems WWE is opting to let things blow over. Whether this blows up again soon remains to be seen.

After all, unless plans change, we should see Flair and Lynch battle at Survivor Series.

Changes Considered For NXT Contracts

If you missed the stunning, but yet not stunning, news from Thursday…WWE once again made a massive round of talent cuts. On the heels of those releases, there are changes being considered specifically for NXT contracts.

According to a report in the Observer, WWE is considering shorter term trial deals for talent.

This would be an interesting move, and I am not sure it entirely makes sense, for a few reasons.

Surely this is coming up because of some of the names involved in this round of releases.

changes considered for nxt contracts
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Names like Franky Monet (Taya Valkyrie), who have not been with WWE or NXT that long.

The thinking is WWE may consider a prove-it type of deal, where the talent will have to earn the more typical contract.

Per the report, the talk is about a 60 day contract before the bigger deal comes into play.

So here’s my two cents.

For one, WWE has the Performance Center. They have PC Classes, where recent recruits are grouped and trained together, before getting a shot in NXT.

How would a prove-it contract differ from that? Would those deals be more aimed at the less-green indy talent?

If so…it wouldn’t really apply to Monet, given her experience outside of WWE.

One other thing to consider: if you were a free agent, and you had interest from AEW and WWE…one offering a long term deal and one offering you 60 days…which one are you taking?

You have to be supremely confident in both your ability, and the likelihood that WWE creative types will allow you to impress. While I might be OK on the first…that second component is looking scary.

Boiling it down, shorter term deals likely just do one thing. They make the releases less obvious, because instead of releasing talent, some contracts would just expire.

It’s more a PR move. While WWE definitely has a PR problem with so many releases of late…I don’t think the changes being considered for NXT contracts really fixes the issue.

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