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Betty White Goes Viral After People Fall For Big Bird Hoax Tweet

A fake tweet that users thought was by Betty White about Big Bird went viral but the trend caused many to fear we'd lost a Golden Girl.

‘Golden Girls’ star and beloved funny girl Betty White just went viral on Twitter thanks to some gullible users. Don’t worry, the Hollywood icon is just fine. In fact, the Betty White trend had nothing to do with her health and instead involves an obviously fake tweet showing America’s sweetheart wading into politics. 

While this user eventually caught on, the original gloat was strong.

Here is the tweet that started it all. It’s obviously fake to anyone with two brain cells to rub together.


First, it’s clearly marked Satire. Second, it’s totally over the top and out of character. Only someone who desperately wants it to be true could be so blind as to believe it let alone retweet it.

Ms. White is in her 90s, she is not spending her days firing off spicy tweets. In fact, nearly all of her tweets are about her deep love of animals.

The reality is that the nonagenarian White hasn’t tweeted since September 30th. This is her last tweet.

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It’s pretty obvious the elaborate Twitter hoax was designed to stir up drama and they sullied our favorite Golden Girl in the process.

Why choose White? Yes, she is a universally beloved figure. But why drag her name into political nonsense like this?

These days people love to stir the pot and push this country towards more division and hate. Isn’t Twitter supposed to be on a mission to cut down on misinformation? Guess this one just happened to slip by.

Stop Making Betty White Trend On Twitter

Every time a celebrity trends a lot of first thoughts are “OH NO THEY ARE DEAD!”

Obviously everyone loves Rose. She’s a gosh darned America treasure. So let’s avoid her trending unless it is something really important.

What’s With The Fake Tweets?

Why do people feel the need to make up fake tweets in the first place?

If you’re a legitimate satire outlet, own it. But if your shtick is just publishing fake content to see which dummies bite – stop it.

Eventually, people will catch onto your games and your days of trending will be over.

It’s possible to be original and make up your own funny content without sullying someone’s reputation. Plenty of legitimate satire sites making a living doing just that. Heck – look at the brilliance of Babylon Bee and The Onion.

Their satire is timeless not cheap. If it’s truly funny, you don’t have to disguise it as a celebrity quote. The content will stand on its own merit. 

Social media is toxic and dangerous enough as it is, we don’t need more toxicity and negativity in this world. And, for God’s sake, leave Betty White out of it!

Let’s cleanse the palate with some a great clip from the Mary Tyler Moore Show

Help make this go viral so everyone knows that Betty White is alive and still Golden!

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