CM Punk Booed
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CM Punk booed by the AEW crowd at Full Gear was puzzling. Also, Bryan Danielson believes Eddie Kingston would be better if he changed his work ethic

CM Punk Booed

Seven years ago, CM Punk walked out of WWE and vowed never to return. He kept his world and even retired from pro wrestling for a bit.

Then, AEW came around and Punk was impressed with how they treated fans and talent. That led to both sides talking and Punk debuting about two months ago.

To date, Punk is yet to lose in AEW and continued that streak at Full Gear. There, he defeated Eddie Kingston in a match where there seems to be legit bad blood dating back decades. 

Whenever Punk has been seen on TV, the crowd goes nuts. Although, some of those fans at Full Gear were booing Punk.

There does not seem to be an exact reason why. It could be because of their personal heat or the crowd was really behind Kingston.

Tony Khan Tries To Explain Why CM Punk Was Booed By AEW Fans

Tony Khan addressed the crowd reaction to Punk during the post media scrum for Full Gear. To the boss, it reminded him of The Rock vs Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 18.

“I remember being the only person out of 70,000 cheering for The Rock in Toronto,” said Khan. “My friend looked over me like, ‘what are you doing?’” 

“I was like, ‘somebody has to.’ That’s how I felt about Punk getting booed tonight [at Full Gear].” 

“There were way more Punk people tonight than there were Rock people in Toronto. I can attest as I was there for both shows.”

We will have to see if the trend of boos continues in the coming weeks. AEW is known to listen to their audience, so Punk’s character might get a slight tweak.

Bryan Danielson Questions Eddie Kingston’s Work

CM Punk Booed

Source: Generation Zed, Twitter, Screenshot

Speaking of Eddie Kingston, his name was mentioned during the media scrum by Bryan Danielson. The two fought inside the ring under the AEW banner and had a great match.

Although, Danielson wants Kingston to take it to the next level. He used their recent match as an example of what Kingston is missing.

“After the show he goes out until the morning,” said Danielson. “I go back to my hotel and get in some stretching and getting ready so my body’s physically prepared next week.” 

“Eddie’s shoulder was really banged up, my shoulder’s fine. There’s putting in the work when you’re wrestling and then putting in the work when you’re not wrestling.”

“And, that’s, I think, the difference. One thing I wanna say about Eddie is he has incredible heart and he’s a great wrestler.”

“I work my a— off so I never get tired. Kingston works his a— off when he’s tired, and that is commendable.”

The respect is there and Danielson just wants to see more from Kingston. Danielson is one of the best around the world and if Kingston listens, his stock will continue to rise.