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In the crazy entertainment world, it’s rare to find a celebrity marriage that is actually able to stand the test of time. That’s what makes the 25-year marriage of country music icons Tim McGraw and Faith Hill so special! 

Tim McGraw Tells The Story Of How He Proposed To Faith Hill

Fox News reported on McGraw’s sentimental walk down memory lane posted to Instagram. The video itself gives fans a pretty good idea why these two have lasted so long.

According to Tim McGraw, he and Faith Hill met in 1996, and then got married later that very same year.

In celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary last Wednesday, McGraw recalled his memories of proposing to Hill.

“We had dated for a while,” McGraw began. “I actually asked her to marry me quite a few times and she kept saying no. She said, ‘I’m not going to get involved with another country singer, it’s just not going to work out.'”

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Faith Hill Finally Says Yes

McGraw went on to talk about the exact moment that Hill relented and said yes to him.

“They had these trailer houses set up,” he said. “I’m getting ready to go on stage, and I had this sort of case that had this big mirror in it. She’s standing there, and we’re talking, and I said, ‘Look, let’s get married.’ And she says, ‘You’re asking me to marry you at a country music festival in a trailer house.’ And I said, ‘Well, it’s pretty apropos if you think about it.’ She goes, ‘Are you serious?’ And I said, ‘Well yeah, I’m serious.'”

“I came off the stage and went back into my dressing room and Faith wasn’t there, but I looked at the mirror. In lipstick it said, ‘Yes! I’m gonna be your wife,'” McGraw added. “And we still have that mirror. And it was the best day of my life, that’s for sure.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have three beautiful daughters together: Gracie, 24, Maggie, 23 and Audrey, 19. 

All three can sing. In fact, their oldest, Gracie, stunned the world with her voice just not that long ago.

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Tim McGraw Praises Faith Hill

This country music couple is known for their ongoing love fest.

Last year, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, McGraw was quick to praise his wife. 

“She’s a strong woman. She’s a great role model for our daughters… the best role model any of them can have,” he said. “She has a heart just as big as her voice.”

“She loves everybody and she wants to do the best for everybody and she always wants everything to be perfect for everybody,” McGraw continued. “She loves me unconditionally, which says a lot ’cause there’s a lot of conditions of me.”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill seem to be a truly loving couple that millions of fans from all over the globe really can look up to.

Let’s all wish them a very happy anniversary, and many more to come! 

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