Former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov made his way to Old Trafford recently.

Nurmagomedov, who retired unbeaten in his MMA career, was on-hand for United vs. Everton from the famous stadium this past weekend.

During his trip, Nurmagomedov ran into Cristiano Ronaldo, a close friend. The two shared some lighter moments that were captured on social media. 

“He is a best ever, keep doing your things Champ, you inspire millions of people around the world,” Khabib posted.

The two share a common bond through their world-famous superstar level of success. Many view Nurmagomedov as the greatest fighter of all-time. 

And Ronaldo has laid claim to the same status on the soccer pitch for several years. 

The meeting between the two got a reaction from boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Fury, who defends his title against Deontay Wilder this Saturday night, noted “Legendary link up.”

Nurmagomedov continued his rounds, meeting with Paul Pogba and Rio Ferdinand. He also was seen with Sir Alex Ferguson, Patrice Evra and Olympic hero Usain Bolt after. 

During his meeting with Ferguson, the former manager, Nurmagomedov noted that Ronaldo was not in the starting lineup.

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