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A royal expert is speaking out this week to say that they believe that Prince Charles may “derail” the future plans that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have for their son Archie. 

Neil Sean has his finger to the pulse on all things Royal as the royal/entertainment reporter for NBC, MSBNC, and Access Hollywood and also a regular contributor for Daily Mail, Hello, and US Weekly. 

Meghan And Harry May Want A Title For Archie 

“According to a very good source out in LA, it appears that Harry and Meghan may be relenting on some things,” royal expert Neil Sean told The Express. 

“Harry and Meghan have realized that titles do mean something,” he continued. “In fact, they help sell books, get streamy Netflix deals and freebies to New York. So titles can be very useful particularly if you are growing up so step forward baby Archie.”

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Meghan And Harry Initially Rejected Offer For Archie’s Title 

Meghan and Harry initially rejected the offer from the British Royal Family to give Archie the title of the Earl of Dumbarton, but they now may be changing their tune about this.

“A good source tells me that now the ex-royals are considering that Earl of Dumbarton may not be such a bad title,” Simon said. “Also that doesn’t now mean that the senior members of the Royal Family will relent and say okay here is your title.”

“That was offered at the time,” he added. Times have since changed, of course, as Meghan and Harry have repeatedly bashed the royal in the months since then, so the royals may not be so quick to grant Archie a title this time. 

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Meghan And Harry’s Issue With Charles 

Then there the issue Meghan and Harry had with Charles’ idea for the future of the monarchy. 

“One of the big ruckuses between Meghan and Harry and Prince Charles was his idea of streamlining the monarchy,” Simon explained. “In other words, you are further down the pecking order with no money, hence why they decided to Megxit.”

If Meghan and Harry are able to secure the title for Archie, however, his life will change. 

“If the senior members do decide to relent and bestow that title on Archie then he will become an Earl,” Simon stated. “It is a strange title, of course, when he would be growing up virtually not seeing, or so we think, not seeing any of his close relatives in the UK. If Meghan and Harry have decided they fancy the title, we do have to say allegedly as well, it does make you think their mindset moving forward.”

After the disrespect that Meghan and Harry have shown the Royal Family over the past year, the prospect of a title for Archie is sure to outrage many.

Although it would be interesting to see what happens if the couple does end up crawling back and asking for a title for Archie. Stay tuned!

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