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Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter is known for his strident activism. The Turkish native can’t return to his home country due to his criticism of the country’s autocratic regime.

But he isn’t just concerned with global human rights abuses in Turkey. The 6’10” star set his sights on perhaps the world’s most brutal regime, Communist China, and their financial partner Nike.

Kanter is using his platform to call out China for its myriad abuses and Nike for its hypocrisy and silence.

China tried to punish the NBA for Kanter speaking his mind, the Turkish star turned up the heat. 

Upcoming Celtics games are unavailable for live stream on the China-based Tencent Sports app.

Enes Kanter’s Anti-Chinese Communist Party Sneakers

Kanter is taking his protests to the court with unique sets of basketball shoes that protest the brutal Chinese Communist Party.  Something tells me those wouldn’t fly on Nikes. 

Protesting censorship.

China’s occupation of Tibet and suppression of Tibetian culture.

China’s alleged use of sweatshops and slave labor.

And China’s placement of much of their Islamic Uyghur population in “re-education camps.”

Why Is Nike Silent?

Nike usually supports its sponsored players and wades into politics. The shoe-branded helped pester the league into plastering “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on every court during the Summer of 2020. And of course, let’s not forget the millions they’ve paid failed back-up Colin Kaepernick. Nike made a gigantic effort to become Social Justice Warriors, but only if you live in America. If you’re oppressed in China? Sorry, Nike doesn’t care.

A lot of big American sports leagues and corporations, will criticize America and threaten boycotts but will remain silent when it comes to the abuses of their foreign partners.

Nike has not responded to Kanter’s protests. And the reason, in my opinion, is obvious.


Nike has invested millions into China and has used factories with Uyghur forced labor. But we don’t hear Kaep or Nike crying about this and kneeling. In my opinion, Kaep and Nike don’t care about human rights, they know what sells in America. They’re profiting off outrage and guilt while real harm goes on in their name across the world. 

While Lebron James will gladly lick the sneaker of the brutal communist regime, it is refreshing to see a star standing strong while so many remain silent.

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Editors note: the story was updated to include an additional tweet from Kanter.

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