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For the first time since 1999, the Atlanta Braves are back in the World Series. And what a run they’ve had. The Braves lost three All-Stars this year and they were under .500 in August and still made it to the World Series. It’s quite the accomplishment for a turbulent year for the Deep South’s only baseball franchise.

Adding to the intrigue was that Major League Baseball moved this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta due to Georgia’s alleged “voter suppression laws.”

This makes me wonder, will the MLB move the World Series from Atlanta too?

Will MLB Move The World Series From Atlanta?

I don’t foresee that happening. The reality is that the All-Star game was a relatively low-stakes and high-visibility move from the activists.

The truth is that they’ve already punished Georgia. And, if they moved the World Series, there would probably be full-scale riots.

The Braves have one of the largest fanbases in baseball, and they’ve suffered for over 20 years with so many starts and stops. They will not let the World Series be taken from them. 

Add on top of that, they’re playing the Houston Astros. Texas has passed many of the same laws and faced many of the same threats of boycott.

The fact is that the MLB and the woke mob aren’t serious about actual political change. They just want to punish those with different viewpoints than them. 

Woke People Punished The Atlanta Braves Fans

The woke mob set their sights on punishing the state of Georgia for laws some deemed as suppressive to voters.

The move was costly for Georgia, costing the state up to $100 million dollars. The irony is that Colorado, where the MLB moved the game, has by some metrics more restrictive voting laws than Georgia does.

People trying to inject politics into sports will always bug me.

I understand expressing your viewpoints and I am certainly not one of those “shut up and dribble” types, but moves like moving a game only punishes fans and hurts the game overall. 

This says nothing of the fact that Major League Baseball has no problem doing business with China and Cuba.

American corporations gladly work with violent dictators and regimes across the world but threaten boycotts any time a state tries to pass a law they don’t like. And these laws don’t even affect their business.

Unfortunately, it has become profitable for some to bow to the mob.

Some companies like Netflix are standing against the cult of woke, but most other Big Businesses will easily cave when put under the slightest pressure.

It is up to us to stand against cancel culture and those who want to silence opposing viewpoints. 

Did the MLB go too far in punishing Atlanta? Will you tune into the World Series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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