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Billionaire and poop water drinker Bill Gates is pulling out all the stops for his daughter’s wedding. The founder of Microsoft’s daughter, 25-year-old Jennifer Gates is getting married to Nayel Nassar at her 124-acre horse farm in upstate New York.

According to the Daily Mail, the wedding cost is already in the millions with an elaborate tent city popping up in preparation for the festivities. But it doesn’t seem like the “greenest” wedding for the daughter of one of the world’s foremost environmentalists: 

An eighteen-wheel truck and vans hauled in equipment, while golf carts shuttled staff around the site and down the road to where another set of tents were erected to handle catering.

Police are also stationed through the property and the local authorities have banned the use of drones overhead.

Wedding Rubs People The Wrong Way

And while the wedding looks beautiful and every bride deserves her dream day, the event is still rubbing some people the wrong way, including Gates’ neighbors who complained about loud construction noises.

Beyond all the noise though, some people are noticing that Bill Gates’ own statements on sacrifice and environmentalism seem to be at odds with the lavishness of the wedding.

Bill Gates’ Calls For Sacrifice Ring Hollow

The billionaire has become one of the most visible and influential environmentalists in the world. He has called for a war on “greenhouse gases” saying: “all-out effort, you know, like a world war, but it’s us against greenhouse gases.” 

I wonder if the tech giant secretly invented emissions-free semi-trucks and vans to build his daughter’s dream wedding?

On top of that, it is odd for a man to be so concerned with emissions yet own a private jet company. He is absurdly out of touch with the common man, and so of course he thinks we can make all of these changes he wants.

Bill Gates demands sacrifices from you and me but hardly seems willing to impose those same hardships on himself. 

And why would he? If I was worth billions I certainly would be traveling around by private jet and holding lavish mega-weddings on the horse farm I bought for my daughter as a college graduation present.  

Yes, you read that right, the horse farm was a graduation gift. When I graduated from college the only gift I got was my old bed to sleep in for three months and the warning that I “better find a job.” My request for a pony ranch was decline. 

I am not against a father spoiling his daughter for her most special day. What I am against is that same person lecturing you and me not to use fossil fuels.

That’s to say nothing of his poop water idea. I can’t get over that, that man spent millions on a facility to turn POOP into water. Why not build a desalinization plant, brainiac? 

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