Adele new song video Easy On Me

 After a 6-year hiatus, celebrated British singer Adele is back with a new album titled 30. 30. N0tably, this marks Adele’s first album since her 2015 Grammy-winning hit 25 – and the talented songstress is back in rare form as only Adele could.

Taking time off to improve her health, raise her son, and enjoy life, the Grammy-winning powerhouse debuted a new music video clip.

Adele teased her new song “Easy On Me” which will be released next week. In black and white, Adele fiddles with the radio to turn on the beginnings of a piano-soaked ballad.


Adele dropped jaws (including mine) in a recent cover of British Vogue with an amazing and confident new look:

Adele may debut a new sound as well, joking her next album would be “Drum and bass” style. 

The “Someone Like You” singer has kept out of the spotlight for the last few years with rumors of a new album popping up here in there.

This is the first major confirmation that she is debuting new music soon. 

Fans Are Excited for Adele’s Return


Fans have noticed billboards across the globe teasing the new album. 

There are also rumors that in-lieu of a grand tour, Adele will star in a Las Vegas residency for 2022.

Why She Took A Break

According to Fox, Adele’s hiatus was a much-needed breather from the spotlight:

The “Rolling in the Deep” musician has mostly stayed out of the public eye over the last few years. Instead, she focused on maintaining a healthier lifestyle and lost a significant amount of weight.

She took time to heal from a divorce and to spend time as a mother of her child, Angelo James. While the Brit has kept her son out of the spotlight, she had this to say about being a parent

“I felt like I was truly living. I had a purpose, where before I didn’t”

While some were critical of the songstress’ weight loss, most people supported her work towards self-improvement and self-love. Adele hosted SNL last year and poked fun at all the controversy:

I’m a big fan of her voice, “Rolling in the Deep” is a certified hit and one of my favorite songs. No one but her has captured that smoky and sultry female-led blues.

It will be interesting to see if Adele can repeat her smashing success with those songs with her new track “Easy On Me”.

I’m glad she is coming back. Thankfully I live very close to Las Vegas so I will be able to see Adele perform in Sin City. Might even squeeze in a Penn & Teller show or one of those helicopter Grand Canyon tours. 

Welcome back Adele – the world missed you!

What’s your favorite Adele song? Let us know in the comment section. 

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