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Prince Charles has been heir to the throne for nearly 70 years, and he reportedly has some big plans to shake things up when he becomes king. However, his mother Queen Elizabeth reportedly isn’t happy with everything he has planned. She’s specifically taken issue with what he plans to do with her beloved Buckingham Palace.

Charles’ Plan For Buckingham Palace

A source told The Mirror that Charles is planning to turn Buckingham Palace into a museum, much to his mother’s dismay. This insider added that because of the Queen’s negative feelings about this plan, it will “not be happening any time soon” while she is on the throne.

“She’s not very keen on that particular idea and believes of course, that it should remain a family home of sorts,” the source explained. 

The Queen raised her four children at Buckingham Palace, and while she opened it to the public in 1993, she has only allowed visitors to tour select parts of the 775-room palace. She keeps the family apartments private.

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Charles Won’t ‘Be Getting His Own Way Anytime Soon’

“Her Majesty the Queen will go between Windsor Castle, which she considers her main London base, and spending two to four days a week also out at the re-renovated Buckingham Palace,” the source said. “So for now, whatever you’re reading, it doesn’t look like Prince Charles is going to be getting his own way anytime soon.”

Page Six reported that one of the main reasons Prince Charles may want to offload Buckingham Palace is the cost. It costs millions in taxpayer dollars just to maintain it. The palace hasn’t been restored since World War II. A $500 million dollar renovation was approved in 2016, but it won’t be completed until 2027.

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Charles Wants To Slim Down Monarchy

Lowering the cost of the monarchy appears to be a major goal of Charles’ when he becomes king.

He also wants to whittle the monarchy to seven major figures, a move that royal biographer Angela Levin said that he has wanted to do “for a very long time.”

Levin added that Charles wants to do this to “save costs and make people be worth the money that they get from the taxpayer,” according to GeoTV

Charles’ plan is said to involve Prince William, Kate Middleton and rising stars Sophie and Prince Edward staying on as senior working Royals.

With the current Queen having the longest reign of any monarch in British history, it will certainly be jarring for millions of people all over the world to see how things will change after her death.

Here’s hoping that the Queen has many years left, so we don’t need to find out what happens after her death for quite some time. 

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