Buckingham Palace Outraged By Leak Of Secret Plans For Queen Elizabeth’s Death – Inside Operation ‘London Bridge’

Operation London Bridge, the top secret plan for the death of Queen Elizabeth including who will be crowned king, was leaked to Politico.

Buckingham Palace is reportedly fuming today over the “cruel” and “immoral” leak of the top secret plans for what will happen after the death of Queen Elizabeth, 95. Operation London Bridge includes details on who will be crowned king following the Queen Mother’s passing.

A formal investigation by the British government into who exactly leaked Operation London Bridge to Politico is expected as the sensitive plan was only supposed to be shared with a small group of people.

Inside Operation London Bridge 

Daily Mail reported that the plan includes all Whitehall flags being lowered to half mast within ten minutes of the Queen’s death, and her son Prince Charles will both give a television address and embark on a tour of the United Kingdom.

There will also be a pre-planned memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral for ministers that is meant to look “spontaneous.”

The official website of the royal family will be taken down and replaced with an all-black page that features a statement confirming that the Queen has passed away. A black banner will then be added to all GOV.UK websites.

While Buckingham Palace has not officially commented on the leak, an insider said that officials are “not happy,” adding, “We are not talking about this. It is a matter for the Government.”

Royal expert Angela Levin spoke out to say, “I think it is awful and cruel to release the top-secret plans about the Queen’s death. Where are our morals?”

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More Details Of Queen Elizabeth’s Passing And Operation London Bridge 

The ten-day plan for what happens following the death of the Queen was initially leaked to POLITICO after it was updated amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The day of her death has even been nicknamed “D-Day” in the plans.

The plan was first made in the 1960s and has been kept secret ever since. Since the plan has been in place since the Queen was in her 30s, there is no indication that she is in poor health now.

The first person to be called about the Queen’s death will be the prime minister, who will be phoned by the Queen’s Private Secretary.

What will follow from there is a “call cascade” to members of the cabinet, members of the privy council and senior figures including in the Armed Forces, who will plan gun salutes across the country within the next few hours. 

Everyone who is called will be given a scripted message that states, “We have just been informed of the death of Her Majesty The Queen. Discretion is required.” 

Once all these calls are made, the royal household will send out an “official notification” of the Queen’s death to the public.

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Prince Charles To Be Crowned King After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

Charles will be crowned as king the day after his mother’s death, and he will begin a tour of the United Kingdom two days later.

The Queen will lie in state for three days beginning six days after her passing. Her funeral will take place ten days after her death, marking the end of Operation London Bridge.

There are now widespread concerns over how such a sensitive piece of classified information could leak to the public.

It remains to be seen if the British government will be able to figure out who leaked Operation London Bridge. 

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