Princess Diana’s Friend And Voice Coach Says She Was Hollywood Bound Before Her Untimely Death

Princess Diana had plans to spend "a lot of time in Hollywood" and launch a movie career before her death, voice coach Stewart Pearce says.

Last week marked the 24th anniversary of the tragic loss of Diana, Princess of Wales, in a devastating car crash in Paris, France. On the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, her former voice coach Stewart Pearce shared some surprising Hollywood plans in the making before her untimely death at age 36. 

Stewart Pearce was not just Diana’s voice coach but also reportedly a close friend to her in the years before her death.

“There were a number of major projects brewing in her consciousness through offers that had been offered to her,” Pearce told Daily Mail.

“One of the major opportunities that she wanted to create was to start developing documentaries about three charitable interests that would then be assimilated into major movie pictures,” he added. 

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Princess Diana Was Opening Doors In Hollywood 

Pearce then dropped the bomb that Princess Diana was planning to launch a career in Hollywood. 

“She was planning on spending a lot of time in Hollywood,” he added. “The point was that Diana was really beginning to explore her creative power.”

If true, this would be some major foreshadowing, as going Hollywood is exactly what Diana’s son Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle would do decades after her passing.

Last year, the couple stepped down as senior royals and moved to Southern California, where they signed multi-million dollar deals to create content for Netflix and Spotify. 

Hollywood Is About Having The Right Connections 

According to Stewart Pearce, Princess Diana had similar plans for herself in Hollywood, as she too had connections in show business. 

“Everything she did was signed with the autograph of excellence, meaning she consulted the right people,” he explained. “It was all about the highest echelon of opinions that could be maintained for the greatest project management.”

“So I know whomever she employed or worked in liaison with it would have been an excellent standard moving towards the possibility of an award-winning status,” Pearce stated. “There is no doubt. She was all full of the action of co-creativity.”

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Princess Diana Didn’t Want To Be A Movie Star

Like Harry and Meghan, Pearce said that Diana had no intention of being a movie star herself.

Instead, she wanted to be creative behind the scenes. 

“That is something that Diana was not interested in, not at all. You can see how emphatic I am,” he said. “Although she was an aficionado and keen enthusiast about the performing arts, particularly dance, [acting] was not something she saw as being her new creative trajectory.”

Whatever Princess Diana’s Hollywood career might have been, she will forever be remembered as the people’s princess. A light in this world snuffed out much too soon.

The below video highlights her positive impact around the world.

Who knows – maybe Princess Diana would be proud to see her son Harry and his wife Meghan Markle living out dreams she had for herself before her untimely death.

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