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Former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is preparing to return to primetime with his new pro-jobs show “How America Works.” As he promotes it this week, Rowe is opening up about his love life as he gives fans a rare look at his personal life.

Rowe Talks ‘How America Works’

“It’s all kind of the same show,” Rowe, 59, told People Magazine, comparing this program to his previous shows.

He added that he feels that his job “is to tap the country on the shoulder, as best I can, and say, ‘Hey, what about him? What about her?’ I just change the title of the show every six or seven years, but that’s really all I’ve been doing since 2001.”

Take a look:

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Rowe Discusses His Love Life

When asked about his love life, the notoriously private Rowe gave fans a peek at it.

“I’ve been with the same woman for decades,” he said. “She’s not in this business. She is baffled by this business. I’m baffled by her business. This level of mutual bafflement has worked to our advantage. So she’s been very patient with me as I fly about the world, doing the things that I want to do. And I think I can say the same.”

“Beyond that, my views on celebrity and private versus personal, I’m not shy about it, but I honestly ask myself, ‘What’s interesting to me?’ And what’s not interesting to me is a red carpet,” he continued. “I mean, I got nothing against red and I got nothing against carpets, but the celebrity in our culture has become kind of like the Borg in Star Trek. I can’t imagine why anybody would care too much about anything else that I do. I get it.”

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Rowe Is Excited About His New Show

Returning to “How America Works,” Rowe made it clear that he’s very excited about the show. 

“It wasn’t a question of, should I do it? I have to do it,” he said. “And I’m glad to do it, because I think people are going to dig it.”

“Look, if the show does one thing — I think it’s going to do several things, but if it does just this one thing, I will deem it a huge success — if it makes people pause for a moment when they flick the switch and see the lights come on, if it makes them go, ‘That’s a freaking miracle. I had forgotten,’ then this is all good, right?” he continued. 

Rowe is getting people to take a look a the infrastructure of our country:

“You know, civilized life is basically held together by pipes — whether it’s plumbing pipes, or cables that allow us to have this conversation. So all that stuff, it’s the connective tissue. And my pop used to say to me, “Think of infrastructure like the grout in-between tiles in a mosaic. It’s the mortar between the bricks. It’s the stuff that connects everything.” And without it, civilization goes off the rails pretty quick.”

Mike Rowe is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities out there. Unlike most self-centered stars, he loves promoting the idea of hard work.

We’ve loved all of his shows over the years, so we can’t wait to see “How America Works”! 

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