The world’s a twisted place. We see it in the news every day. It’s enough to make you sick. One thing we know about our world is that cruelty and evil know no age, gender, or nationality. Kasama Smith, a 15-year-old girl in Washington State is being charged with second-degree murder and a hit-and-run after bumping a jogger in a car.

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Kasama Smith took her godmother’s car without permission and was doing 50 mph – 15 miles over the posted speed limit – when she plowed into 53-year-old Greg Moore on a Maple Valley street, according to the charges against her.

“I’m going to scare him, I’m going to bump him,” Smith told a passenger in the car as she approached Moore running at about 6 a.m. on July 18, The Kent Reporter stated, citing the charges.

Tragic. I wonder if the girl understands the gravity of her deed?

Teenagers are idiots. Their developing brains and raging hormones make it difficult for them to make solid decisions.

That is not an excuse. I was a pretty crazy 15 year old. But, I would have never thought hitting a jogger would be “funny.”

The report states that Smith laughed about seeing Moore’s body fly off the road as she hit it.

King County prosecutors said that Smith would be charged as a juvenile due to her age and lack of a previous criminal record.

After the murder, Kasama Smith denied the incident for weeks and worried her friends would “snitch” on her. 

Smith’s godmother eventually turned her in to police after seeing her car on the surveillance footage. 

Greg Moore, The Victim

Moore’s wife called the murder a “thrill kill” and offered a $35,000 reward towards finding the killer. 

Why Teens Commit Thrill Kills

Kasama Smith is far from the only teenager caught up in a “thrill kill.”

Whether it’s boredom, peer pressure, or just mental illness, a desire to feel empowered often drives thrill kills

“A person can appear outwardly successful to others, but for some reason, he may feel like a failure,” said Jack Levin, director of the Brudnick Center on Conflict and Violence at Northeastern University. “Maybe they feel like they’ve fallen short of their goal. They don’t feel like they’re in control, and they erupt in way that is some kind of sadistic thrill.

Kasama Smith doesn’t fit the typical profile of a thrill killer.

The vast majority are teenage boys but can range from successful fathers to women in terrible relationships. 

What they share in common is the feeling of a lack of control in their lives. That illusion that you can’t control anything about your life and that committing a heinous crime will give you some semblance of control. 

Is The World Sicker? 

A lot of people tend to think of the world as worse than it has ever been.

I disagree with this sentiment. As long as the Earth has existed, there have been evil men. I blame the media for fueling this belief that the world is “worse” than ever.

I know it is easy to look at the pandemic, politics, and crime and think the world is ending, but this isn’t new.

For as long as man has existed, we’ve imagined we will be the ones to end the world.

Scientists have proven that the “Kids these days” lament from older generations is an inherent part of humanity. So while it may look bad, let’s look to the positivity and goodness in society. 

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