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Days after the body of the missing 22-year-old influencer Gabby Petito was found, Joy Behar claimed on “The View” that the coverage of the deceased young woman was “racist,” citing “Missing White Woman Syndrome.”

Behar Claims Petito Coverage Is Racist

Behar did not hesitate to make this tragic case all about race as she shamed the media for daring to cover a missing white woman. 

“When a black child is missing, no one pays attention to it, but a little blonde girl or boy, and everybody pays attention,” she said. “It’s not right. It needs to be corrected. I don’t know who to blame beside the media, frankly.”

“What I think happens is now this cute little 22-year-old blonde girl goes missing, and immediately people are interested in that,” Behar added. “I don’t know why exactly. I think part of it is racist, part of it.”

Behar’s comments drew ire from social media users:

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Sunny Hostin Agrees 

Behar’s cohost Sunny Hostin was quick to agree with her. 

“There is no question this comes down to race,” she said. “There’s no question if it were white migrants, they wouldn’t be rounded up on horses.”

“If they were coming from Norway it wouldn’t happen,” Behar stated, with Hostin adding, “The equality of perception will lead to equality of treatment. When you see yourself in someone else then you have true empathy.”

“There are forces of evil that demonize the other. The lack of empathy is a terrible thing for people to have,” Behar continued. “The evil powers that be, do this to the underdog and it’s sort of filtered down.”

“A lot of it is white supremacy,” Hostin concluded, mentioning what has become the race-baiting left’s favorite talking point. 

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ABC Co-Anchor Slams Media Coverage Of Petito

Unfortunately, Behar isn’t the only member of the media claiming that the press coverage of Petito’s case is racist.

On Wednesday, ABC co-anchor T.J. Holmes said on “Good Morning America” that the media’s coverage of Gabby Petito is “perpetuating the idea that some lives matter more” than Black lives.

“There are some names that become a household name, Lacey Peterson, Natalee Holloway, Elizabeth Smart, Gabby Petito,” he said. “There are others like Kierra Coles names like Jelani Day names like Daniel Robinson. Why don’t you know those names? Those are people of color who’ve gone missing that didn’t get the same media attention. And a lot of people online are taking advantage of this moment to not just highlight other cases but also highlight the disparity in the media’s coverage of them.”

Holmes Ties It To Black Lives Matter

“It’s important this is not an either/or situation. You can still say that the Petito story is worthy. It should make headlines. You can feel for her family but at the same time say these other stories about minorities missing are important to highlight as well,” Holmes added, going on to link this back to Black Lives Matter.

“We went through a summer last year, Black Lives Matter,” he continued. “That had to do with equity and police treatment of African-Americans. But this same idea of Black Lives Matter is important in all of our responsibility as media in this coverage. When you highlight certain stories of certain people and not others, you’re perpetuating the idea that there are some lives, some people that matter more, and this is why this conversation is important to continue to have.”

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The only thing that will come of this moving forward is that the media will become too afraid of reporting on the disappearances of white women, lest they be accused of racism again.

It’s unfortunate that this leftwing obsession with making everything about race will likely cost the lives of missing white women in the future. 

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